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Discover the depurative properties of the pumpkin

The cabazada is a sweet vegetable with many properties for health. It is an antioxidant, rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber and low in calories, and is recommended to prevent many diseases. We explain their purifying benefits and we give some tips to cook this delicious and medicinal food.

Nutritional properties

Pumpkin contains 90% water and very few calories and carbohydrates. Instead, it has high fiber contents.

  • Vitamins : contains vitamin A and vitamin C principalente, in addition to vitamins E and those of group B (among them, ).
  • Minerals : it is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, among others.
  • One of its main characteristics is a content of beta-carotene. They are the ones who give him the orange color (he also has carrots, for example).
  • Linoleic, aspartic, oleic and palmitic acids.
  • Amino acids .

Discover the depurative properties of the pumpkin

Who is recommended?

Based on these properties, pumpkin is highly recommended in cases of:

How do we cook it?

When buying a pumpkin we will look for one that is firm and with intact skin. Pumpkins are well preserved for a long time, some even half a year. If it’s summer, we’ll store them better in a fridge and we’ll consume them shortly.

Discover the depurative properties of the pumpkin
Pumpkins can be baked, cooked, cooked, among others.

One of the great impediments to consume it is the difficulty to peel it. In that case we recommend putting it to cook for a while cut into pieces. Once the skin softens, it will be much easier to remove it.

The seeds of the pumpkin

Pumpkin seeds deserve a special mention, because they are a very nutritious food with excellent health benefits.

Discover the depurative properties of the pumpkin

  • They are rich in magnesium
  • They are rich in zinc
  • They contain Omega-3 fatty acids
  • They are an excellent food for the prostate
  • They can improve diabetes
  • They are very beneficial during menopause to improve their symptoms
  • They contain tryptophan, which helps us rest
  • They have anti-inflammatory effects
  • They are a natural remedy for intestinal parasites

And how do we take them?

We can eat them directly raw or lightly toasted. It is also possible to prepare a drink: you will have to grind them with water, let them rest for 10 minutes and then strain them. We can sweeten them with a podo of honey or stevia, adding a pinch of cinnamon.

For those people who do not like too much the flavor of these seeds we can prepare a vegetable paté or a pesto sauce. We just need to grind the seeds well with olive oil, fresh basil leaves, two cloves of garlic and Parmesan cheese. This sauce will allow us to accompany pasta or rice dishes. We can also spread it on toast.

Images courtesy of KnaPix, Lady_fox and Food Thinkers

Discover the depurative properties of the pumpkin