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Discover what your signature says about your personality

The signature is something unique and exclusive of each person. Like fingerprints, they are all different.

For this reason, firms say a lot about the personality of an individual , their way of thinking, acting and even their defects and virtues.

For a long time this was discovered and since then the , science responsible for analyzing the signatures and their structure .

It is said that depending on the shape, size and even the details that a signature contains, the characteristics of a person can be determined.

Thanks to these small features you can differentiate certain curious aspects that, sometimes, not even the same signer can recognize in itself.

Is it readable?

Most signatures are based on the person’s first and last name. However, there can be infinite variations .

In the case of readability, we refer to how easy it is to distinguish the names contained within said signature.

  • It is said that a legible signature is a symbol of a sincere and outspoken person .
  • On the contrary, the little intelligible signatures are referring to distrustful people and who present resistance to authority.
  • If you only understand the initials, it means that you are a person who takes a long time to gain confidence.

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Tilt of the signature

Discover what your signature says about your personality

Although it seems crazy, the inclination in which you make your signature can say very key characteristics of your

  • When it presents an upward inclination it means that the person is ambitious, fighter and with aspirations of success.

If it is exaggeratedly inclined it may be because the person is extremely ambitious personally.

Pessimism and lack of self-esteem are equally determining factors.

A horizontal signature can signal a stable person both emotionally and mentally.

Size of the letters

It is said that the larger the letters, the more extroverted the person is and the opposite.

In the same way, it can be representation of a shy person in search of attention. The normal should be between 1 cm and 2 cm.

Content of the signature

Discover what your signature says about your personality

When we refer to content is the presence of names. The signature is a presentation of your name and surname to society.

However, any of the two that are most predominant may be synonymous with greater importance.

  • If a person signs their name and surname, but the most relevant is their name and leaves their surname behind, it is a sign of independence and does not need to be represented by anything other than itself.

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Curved or straight letters

  • The signatures that are made with very curved letters are representative of a kind person , of good humor and with a good sense of aesthetics.
  • On the contrary, completely straight signatures may be because that person is extremely firm, correct and disciplined.

Presence of capitals

Discover what your signature says about your personality
  • A person whose capital letters are three times greater than normal letters can be considered egocentric.
  • If the capital letter is twice as large, it is because that person values ​​himself with his feet on the ground and has a really stable self-esteem.
  • When there is absence of these symbolizes humility and courage for others.


  • The firmer the line, the more authority and firmness. It is a sign of an authoritarian and temperamental person.
  • On the contrary, a subtle and smooth signature is synonymous with .

Ornaments and details

Discover what your signature says about your personality

The details contained in a signature can show much of how the person likes to appear before the world.

A free writing of ornaments can be synonymous with authenticity and transparency . On the contrary, certain characteristic details can be presented such as:

  • Swirls: Sign that a person has many ideas in his head. It is in search of authenticity.
  • Underlined: They represent a lot of security and firmness when making decisions. Typical of people who assume new challenges and who do not fear challenges.
  • End point: Symbol of a person very disciplined, strict and organized.
  • Regressive signature: Exclusive of people in search of security to achieve their goals .

Discover what your signature says about your personality