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Recipe to prepare homemade lasagna

This Italian dish is one of the most popular in homes, not only for its delicious flavor but for the ease of its preparation. Reason why, next, we will share a recipe to prepare homemade lasagna that surely will be useful. It is a recipe for homemade lasagna with meat, "lasagne alla bolognese" style but if you have a vegetarian diet, you can substitute the meat for the vegetables of your preference. Now, regardless of the variations you make, the result will always be delicious, because that is the main characteristic of lasagna.

Mayonnaise Vegetables, tasty and very healthy

Today we share with you the way to prepare an exquisite dressing: mayonnaise, but in this case without the classic egg incorporation. These are alternative mayonnaises, based on different vegetables, so they are suitable for those who must avoid saturated fats and are also ideal for consumption by vegans . Well worth trying, since its preparation is very simple and the results are excellent. How can they be consumed? They can be used in different ways, for example to garnish salads, to spread cookies or toast, to garnish snacks , etc.

Crab cakes, discover how to prepare them

Croquettes are a delicious alternative that combines the crunchy touch of the cover with the softness of the content . They are prepared with innumerable flavors, such as the crab cakes that we will tell you shortly. Crab or surimi? The latter is an imitation of the original flesh, in the form of pink canes on the outside; Nowadays excellent brands are obtained that are very close to their flavor. For this recipe of croquettes, the surimi combined with some other fish, can be very interesting ingredients. Another important

How to prepare crispy onion rings

The onion rings are a perfect accompaniment to a hamburger or hot dog. It is an easy dish to prepare and, although we can take any sauce as a complement, usually tomato sauce or barbecue sauce is used. Ingredients for onion rings For the preparation of onion rings, we will need the following ingredients: 1 medium-sized onion 1 cup flour (120 g) ¼ teaspoon of powder chemical yeast (1 g) Salt to taste) ¼ teaspoon paprika or red chili powder (1 gram)

How to prepare a cream of mushrooms?

The mushrooms are a product that gives a lot of play in the kitchen. Its mild flavor and its particular texture make them the protagonists of a large number of delicious dishes. In the world of mushrooms, they are kings. Therefore, we show you how to prepare an exquisite mushroom cream with a few simple steps. We assure you that the result will be a success! Mushroom cream recipe To prepare this recipe for mushroom cream for four people, we will need the following ingredients: 1 lemon (50

Broccoli cream with poached egg

Broccoli cream is a dish with a lot of substance and, also, very good flavor. If we want to prepare an entree for a lunch or a nutritious dinner, the following recipes will undoubtedly help us get there the first time. As for the possible companions, these will be completely our choice. Broccoli cream with poached egg Ingredients (for 4 people) Water Olive oil 1 leek 3 garlic cloves 1 cup of blue cheese (135 g) 4 small carrots

Delicious recipe of chicken breast in cheese sauce

Chicken breasts are a very used ingredient in the kitchen. It is a lean meat with good nutritional properties , so it is usual to include it in any diet for athletes or to lose weight. For a more interesting touch, we show you a recipe for chicken breast in cheese sauce. Chicken breast recipe: basic ingredients For the preparation of this recipe of breasts with cheese sauce, we will need the following ingredients to obtain a ration for two people: 1 can of cream for cooking (250 mL).

Delicious Galician pot. Learn how to do it!

The Galician pot is a dish that is often confused, in the first instance, with the broth. This is because they have similar ingredients, although the pot comes to be the main course and the broth is what is made with the remains of the pot. It contains a large amount of vegetables, typical of the orchards in this area.   The original Galician pot is not a food that can be considered vegetarian or vegan , because it is usually prepared with meat and even a bone or a piece of grease to flavor.

Delicious chicken salad recipe

With the following options we can prepare a chicken salad recipe with a very nice flavor and suitable for a healthy and balanced diet . We will get a perfect dish for any occasion and time of day. Chicken salad recipe with vegetables To prepare a ration for about four people of this delicious dish, you will need the following ingredients: Ingredients 1/2 onion (30 g) 1 bay leaf. 1 stalk of celery (30 g) 10 branches of parsley (5 g).

How to prepare a tuna and peppers pie

The empanada is an easy dish to make and very versatile in the kitchen, since there are many fillings that can be used to prepare it, and it is well accepted in any situation; On this occasion, the chosen one is a tuna and pepper empanada, where the dough will also be homemade. INGREDIENTS THAT YOU WILL NEED FOR THE FILLING - 300 grams of canned tuna - 2 ripe tomatoes - 2 sweet onions - 200 grams of red tin peppers -