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Do not straighten your teeth at home, always go to a professional

With a beautiful can also influence the quality of life we ​​have .

Not all people are born with an ideal, perfect smile, but with time it can be achieved.

The most basic level to straighten teeth is

Although there are different home methods that we can see in forums and social networks, as well as offers of low cost clinics, the best solution is always to turn to professional services.

Thus, it is best to go to a dental clinic with doctors who have the necessary training, qualifications and experience.

The first thing we must take into account to locate the best treatment to straighten the teeth is that each case is different and has a different level of complexity .

It is necessary to analyze the characteristics of each patient to choose the appropriate treatment in a personalized way.

Most solutions go through fixed orthodontic appliances.

Fixed orthodontic appliances for teeth

These devices aim to redirect the teeth professionally .

The patient should take them for a while, depending on the prescribed treatment, and that way they will straighten their teeth without causing pain.

Basically, the fixed appliances are formed by wires, brackets and rubber bands.

  • The bracket would be the part of the fixed appliance that is attached to the teeth.
  • The wires will be introduced into the brackets of the teeth and, with a suitable adjustment, they achieve the alignment of the teeth towards the chosen position.

The continuous advances in dentistry make us aware of a great variety of fixed orthodontic appliances.

Thus, not only can accommodate crooked teeth quickly and painlessly, but also takes into account the aesthetics and personal image of the patient .

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Fixed orthodontic appliances, the most used

Do not straighten your teeth at home, always go to a professional

In a first classification, we can talk about fixed and removable dental appliances .

The fixed, as its name suggests, should not be removed during the entire time the treatment lasts, or for hygiene or

Removable dental braces are used to correct bad positions in the teeth.

Depending on the material of its manufacture, the most commonly used fixed dental appliances are:

  • Metallic, the most traditional, made of metal.
  • The porcelain or ceramic brackets . Its color is similar to that of the teeth, and therefore can go unnoticed.
  • Sapphire brackets , with a high cost.
  • Lingual brackets Adhere to the back of the teeth.

Some tips for implanting the brackets

Do not straighten your teeth at home, always go to a professional

Modern treatments, lingual orthodontics and invisalign

Do not straighten your teeth at home, always go to a professional

Lingual orthodontics is increasingly demanded and more popular, thanks to the speed of its treatment.

As we have seen, it is based on the placement of the brackets on the inner side of the patient’s teeth. With this system, the devices are completely invisible.

It is called lingual because of the proximity of the devices to the tongue.

Invisaling is one of the most innovative and popular methods for straightening teeth. This set of aligners is manufactured in a personalized way for each patient.

Invisaling treatment slowly and progressively displace the patient’s teeth, in the direction that the dentist has prescribed.

The material of the splints is transparent plastic. In this way, they will fit around the teeth very effectively to fulfill their purpose: to straighten and align the teeth.

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The cosmetic contouring

A good option if the teeth are a little misshapen, but not too crooked , is the cosmetic contouring.

This treatment, which must be done professionally, is usually done in a single visit to the dental clinic.

Do not straighten your teeth at home, always go to a professional