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Do you have a seductive personality type?

Having a seductive personality has great value . Being able to relate effectively and always be pleasant is very important in the society in which we currently live.

Although, sometimes, people envy this type of personality, labeling those who own it with disrespectful terms, the truth is that it has many advantages.

What is your great disadvantage? The disadvantage of the seductive personality is that you are either born with it or can not acquire it as a new personality.

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We all develop a personality of our own, and all have their advantages. However, today we will investigate more about this type of personality to know more in depth.

The seductive personality has a good control of the language

Do you have a seductive personality type?

A person who has a seductive personality has a very important characteristic that allows that effective relationship with others: good control of language.

A clear, assertive language that does not forget non-verbal communication .

As we know, what we communicate with our gestures and our voice (intonation, tone …) has a higher percentage than what we transmit through words (only 7%).

A person with seductive personality will be consistent . What he says and what he expresses through his non-verbal communication will be the same. This communicates more effectively and without falling into contradictions.

However, in addition to all this, the control of the language it has is so high that it avoids hesitation. When we hesitate, we cause others to harbor doubts about what we are communicating.

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In addition, if we have a personality of this type we will be more reliable and we will transmit security to others . If we have to make a decision, we will not hesitate.

This does not mean that we do not have doubts , but that we face them in a wise way. In a practical way we leave the circle of doubts, trusting in our abilities and abilities, and not letting ourselves be carried away by fear.

Interact with others in a healthy way

Do you have a seductive personality type?

People who have a seductive personality know how to relate in a healthy way with others . Therefore, in addition to being extraverted, they communicate what they think and feel, without saving anything.

In addition, all this is done in a respectful way, because they have very well worked their assertiveness. They know how to communicate what bothers them without harming the other.

In fact, when they are in the middle of a conflict due to differences of opinion, the priority of these people is to seek consensus .

Dialoguing, respecting the opinion of others, also asserting what they have … All this leads to very good results.

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Perhaps that extraversion that characterizes them, as well as the good use of the proxemics they use to be closer to others, is something that works in their favor.

However, we should not confuse seduction with manipulation . In this case, the seductive personality does not try to manipulate others at any time.

This would only cause damage, toxic relationships, problems, intimidation, imposition at the time of making a decision in a group … None of this has to do with people who have this type of personality.

Do you enjoy a seductive personality?

Do you have a seductive personality type?

If you have felt identified or have ever been told that you have this type of personality then you know very well that you also characterize the following:

  • You always give a good image to others, which means that in any project that you have to expose, or if you have to speak in public, the results are magnificent.
  • You do not know what it is to have anxiety in a social context , since you love to interact and meet new people with which to face new challenges regarding an effective communication.
  • Other people often feel admiration for your way of being.
  • You feel that you attract others, with hardly any effort ; Even if you are surrounded by strangers, you quickly make friends.

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Enjoying a seductive personality has many advantages, especially aimed at the aspect of relationships with others.

If you have this kind of personality, enjoy it! And if you have it, but you have repressed or hidden it, it is time for it to come to light. After all, that’s how you are.

Do you have a seductive personality type?