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Do you live looking for love or do you let yourself be found?

Are you constantly looking for love? Many people do it, because having a partner is something very important. So much that not having it means becoming a failure .

With the new technologies, in addition, we have at our disposal a host of websites in which to look for a partner?

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Something that has made us believe that there is no chance to meet by chance with that special person with whom we would like to share our life, if it is not looking for it on the internet.

Looking for love, you avoid enjoying life

Do you live looking for love or do you let yourself be found?

When we are looking for love, we find ourselves full of worries . What if I do not find my ideal partner? And if nobody wants to be with me?

Also, it is important to ask ourselves if our search has as an incentive the fear of being alone . If so, we have to solve this. Otherwise, we will enter into a relationship, probably toxic.

Having a partner is not that important. We can be happy with friends, spending time with our family …

It is true that society pressures us to look for a partner . It seems that if we do not have it nobody loves us, so our self-esteem sinks.

But are we okay when we are in a relationship? Because if we are looking for love out of fear of loneliness or because we suffer a great dependence on others, it is likely that love hurts us.

It hurts us because we are full of insecurities. Because we try to keep our partner by our side, however it may be. Sometimes, we even let him trample on our values.

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All that fear of losing it and being alone makes us feel unable to keep someone by our side.

Is not it sad to live like this? Always aware of that person with whom to share life. Looking for love anywhere. Submerging us in multiple dating pages to force a meeting.

Meanwhile … we forget to enjoy life .

Take advantage of the time, dedicate yourself to yourself

Do you live looking for love or do you let yourself be found?

When you are in a couple you will miss all that time that before you could dedicate yourself whole to you . Because you can do what you want, without accountability to anyone. You’re free!

However, you miss out on that time by turning on the “looking for a partner” radar.

If you are looking for love in such a desperate way, you may be one of the people who, when they are in a couple, forget their friends.

The couple starts to be everything. Therefore, if the relationship ends, we feel lost. Because we have left aside other important issues for us!

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We can not do this. Let’s learn to enjoy our own company . We do not need anyone by our side to start loving and taking care of us.

This we have to do before, by ourselves. Because, otherwise, relationships will never be completely healthy.

Let yourself be found

Do you live looking for love or do you let yourself be found?

Looking for love you will not find what you are looking for . So why do not you try to let yourself be found?

Abandon those thoughts that approach you whenever you know someone new and already think that you can be a possible partner.

Enjoy life without always having in mind the possibility of a relationship.

Live the moment. This can help you practice mindfulness . A very beneficial practice that will allow you to be happier in your life, at the same time that you enjoy the simplest things.

It is important that you begin to think more about yourself. Because looking for love you are forgetting about yourself , taking care of yourself, pampering yourself and enjoying life as never before.

Think about whether it’s good to be looking for love. Do you end up repeating patterns of behavior? Are you always with the same type of person that you do not like? Then, stop!

How about you let yourself go and let yourself be found?

Before leaving, do not forget: Can you be happy without having a partner?

Fear sometimes leads us to act in certain ways that do not benefit us. We forget to live without worrying absolutely about anything.

Because, really, if we think about it, our worries do not make sense.

Let us enjoy, because one day that person will arrive . We will find it the least expected day, in the most unusual place. When we are not looking …

Do you live looking for love or do you let yourself be found?