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Does water help you lose weight? Myths and truths

How much do you strive to lose weight? Are you getting the results you want? Do you think you’re drinking enough water? This time we will talk about how water helps you lose weight .

You will discover that it not only keeps your body hydrated and your organs balanced. favorece la pérdida de peso y mejora los resultados de tus esfuerzos . It also promotes weight loss and improves the results of your efforts . motivación para hacerlo. In case you are a person who has a hard time drinking water, you may finally find the motivation to do so.

Drinking water helps you burn the extra calories

There are those who give themselves permission to eat something hypercaloric, arguing that they will later exercise. el agua ayuda a bajar de peso y te ayudará a eliminar las rápidamente . If you are one of them, you should know that water helps you lose weight and help you eliminate quickly .

This occurs in young or middle-aged adults and all you need to do is take about half a liter (500 ml) before eating.

Does water help you lose weight? Myths and truths

Of course, we recommend adding a little exercise to increase weight loss. If you are making your first changes, try taking the 500 ml of water and add 30 minutes of walking.

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Drinking water before meals reduces appetite

Have you heard that water helps you lose weight and reduce your appetite if you take it before eating? Well, this is true but there are some things you should take into account.

It has been shown that 30 minutes before eating really prevents your body from absorbing too much . Remember that this energy can become accumulated fat when you do not burn it.

However, this does not happen in all people. In the studies that were carried out it was discovered that this benefit occurs more in older adults. The study required that women take 375 ml and men 500 ml of water 30 minutes before eating.

So you know, if you’re an older adult and you’re trying to eliminate a few kilos, drink water before your meals.

Water accelerates your metabolism

If you are a person who is constantly searching for your ideal weight, you will already know that metabolism is a relevant issue. Particularly the acceleration of the same and in this sense the water helps to lose weight.

Does water help you lose weight? Myths and truths

Before we have already talked about some strategies to accelerate or improve it. In particular, drinking water is one of the best. It has been shown that 1.5 liters of water can help accelerate metabolism by up to 30%.

The water ingested had a temperature of 22 ° C to 37 ° C which implies that it was from warm to moderately hot. This is important because these temperatures force your body to work harder to re-establish its normal temperature.

Those who participated in the experiment also said that they felt more energetic. porque te sientes desganado todo el tiempo. This is very positive if you find it difficult to start a because you feel despondent all the time.

If you want to obtain the greatest benefits, we recommend that the 2 liters of water you drink per day be warm or hot . Maybe it will cost you a little at the beginning but in a few weeks you will have gotten used to it.

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Water helps you lose weight and prevents you from feeling hungry

confusión que podemos tener con el hambre y la sed. Much is said about the confusion we can have with hunger and thirst. In fact, many people first take a glass of water when they are hungry. But does water really help you lose weight?

Does water help you lose weight? Myths and truths

. If you think that this is a myth and that it does not make sense, you should know that it is not like that . Your body can confuse thirst with hunger . When you ignore that confusion, you may end up eating extra calories.

What we recommend is that the next time you feel hungry, take a glass of water . It could be lukewarm water to speed up the metabolism. Then, wait about 20 minutes and analyze what happens in your body. If the feeling of hunger disappears, it was only thirst. Otherwise, eat something healthy and nutritious.

hidratación . To conclude, remember that at least you should consume 2 liters of water a day to maintain hydration .

Does water help you lose weight? Myths and truths