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Drink with papaya, apple and ginger to treat the arthritic knees

Arthritic knees commonly occur with osteoarthritis , a progressive condition that slowly wears joint cartilage when we are past middle age.

On the other hand, rheumatoid arthritis located also in the knees can appear at any age.

They are, without doubt, similar diseases with different origins that affect our mobility, our capacity to be productive and to enjoy our moments of leisure.

Now, the lack of a drug that completely solves this joint condition does not mean that we can not have an authentic quality of life.

The most important thing to deal with these situations is to know, in the first place, what type of specific arthritis we suffer .

Next, we will submit to the treatment recommended by the doctors. Last, and not least, we will take care of our food to the fullest .

In this way we will alleviate the inflammatory processes as much as possible and will favor, for example, the regeneration of the cartilage.

Today in our space we want to suggest that you discover this natural drink with which to reduce pain and inflammation.

We are sure that it will be of great help to you. Do we take note?

Drink for the arthritic knees

The pain associated with the arthritic knees appears periodically. When we get up in the morning, when we climb the stairs, when the weather changes, when we go to bed at night …

  • Bone spurs or osteophytes often become inflamed during the first hours of the day. From there, and only as an example, it is common to see a redness on our knees and notice them even warm to the touch.

When this happens we can make use of the hot-cold therapy and, in turn, resort to this fabulous drink. It is easy to prepare, feel good and can prevent you from resorting to an anti- inflammatory drug.

Next, we tell you about the benefits of its three main ingredients.

Apples and their depurative power

Drink with papaya, apple and ginger to treat the arthritic knees

The natural apple juice is fabulous to reduce the impact of arthritis. It does not cure or resolve these degenerative processes, but reduces its incidence by treating the associated symptoms.

  • The apple is rich in potassium, an essential mineral to reduce inflammatory processes and purify toxins.
  • Also, this wonderful fruit gives us boron, another mineral essential to settle the calcium in our bones.
  • On the other hand, it is worth noting also the power of the tannins present in the apple: they have a great anti-inflammatory and depurative effect.

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Papaya and vitamin K

Something that will be interesting to discover is that vitamin K deficiency is usually associated with greater problems of osteoarthritis, bone fractures and less flexible cartilage.

The regular consumption of papaya will offer us a good amount of vitamin K.

  • Thanks to it we favor the synthesis of more proteins to strengthen the bone matrix, and also improve the absorption of calcium .
  • On the other hand, papaya is very rich in vitamin C, very important to strengthen our defenses and to cope with the processes associated with arthritis of the knees.
  • In addition, this exceptional fruit is very powerful to regenerate cartilage : it will make it stronger and more flexible, thus slowing down the progress of arthritis.

Ginger for joint pain

Drink with papaya, apple and ginger to treat the arthritic knees

In our space we talk to you very often about the great benefits of this miraculous root and with a long therapeutic tradition.

  • First of all, remember to remember that. In case we have hypertension , it will not be appropriate to include this ingredient in our natural drink.
  • If not, and if our tension falls within normal parameters, do not hesitate to add ginger: it is ideal to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Ginger has some elements called gingerols, very suitable to treat any inflammatory process associated with joint diseases .
  • However, we must bear in mind that this active compound is only useful when we consume fresh ginger .

In case of resorting to capsules or powdered ginger, its effect to treat pain will not be as effective.

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How to prepare my remedy to relieve the symptomatology of the arthritic knees

Drink with papaya, apple and ginger to treat the arthritic knees


  • 1 apple
  • ½ teaspoon of ginger (2 g)
  • ½ papaya (140 g)
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)
  • 1 teaspoon of honey (7.5 g)

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As we always tell you in our space, it is important that we get organic products.

  • We will start by washing the apple well and then removing the skin and seeds.
  • Then get 2 grams of fresh ginger.
  • In the blender, include the half papaya, the glass of water , the apple cut into 4 parts and the ginger.
  • Process to get a homogeneous drink and sweeten with a little honey if you need it. It is important that you drink it during the first hours of the day .

On the other hand, and to finish, just remember that this drink has a cumulative effect . That is, we will notice its effects after 5 or 6 days.

However, in the first shot we will hardly perceive its benefits.

It’s worth a try!

Drink with papaya, apple and ginger to treat the arthritic knees