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Eliminate the bed bugs forever with these home remedies

Bed bugs are small , either human or domestic animals, and are often very difficult to see at a glance. One of their favorite places within the home are the beds, since they find there a warm environment and the food they need to survive.

Of course, having to deal with them is a problem because, in addition to causing bites on the skin, they also increase the risk of suffering from different diseases .

Throwing mattresses would be the most effective option to eradicate them but, for obvious reasons, is not ideal. The good news is that there are several home remedies to end this problem and return to have a clean and healthy bed. Do you want to know them?


Vaporisations are one of the simplest and most effective home remedies that can be done to completely eliminate this pest, since bed bugs do not have the capacity to withstand high temperatures.

Therefore, a good option is to apply hot steam (120 ºF or more / 48.8 ºC) on the mattress, as well as in sheets, clothes, curtains and other elements of the room.

Eliminate the bed bugs forever with these home remedies

Turmeric powder

Due to its high content of curcumin, its active compound,

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High temperatures can also help eliminate these insects hidden in the mattress, sheets, cushions or blankets. A prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to high temperatures that will eradicate the root problem, since these insects are very sensitive to high temperatures.


Mint oil   It is known as a powerful small insect repellent. This is due to the release of odors that are very annoying to these small organisms, so they will migrate to avoid them. Therefore, this home remedy is ideal to keep bedbugs away from the room, the garden and pets. Another good option is lavender oil, for having an effect similar to the previous one.


The clove is a spice with a strong aroma that can repel almost all kinds of

Isopropyl alcohol

These insects do not support acidic environments, and therefore isopropyl alcohol, also known as isopropanol, is an effective remedy.

To use it, simply put this product in a spray bottle and spray it through all areas of the bed where it is believed that they are hidden. Of course, it is very important to clarify that it is a constant process, since it is required to repeat the treatment every 6 or 7 days. Once the product is sprayed, the mattress should be ventilated to prevent the odor of the alcohol from getting impregnated.

Eliminate the bed bugs forever with these home remedies

Vacuum cleaner

Aspire is one of the most popular methods to eradicate all types of insects and mites, especially because it helps to access those cracks or spaces where the bugs are hidden .

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Final recommendations to eliminate bed bugs

  • Do not put the bed against the walls or next to other furniture. In addition, under no circumstances should quilts, quilts or sheets be left on the floor.
  • If you have pets you should avoid entering the room and try to clean them often.
  • Regularly observe the legs of the bed and other furniture since these insects usually hide there too.
  • Regular cleaning and is very important to clean each space frequently

and change the sheets at least twice a month.

Eliminate the bed bugs forever with these home remedies