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Endometriosis: 5 little-known aspects that will improve your quality of life

Endometriosis, as we already know, is a chronic disease .

To date, we do not have an effective treatment that can resolve a medical condition that affects a remarkable percentage of the female population.

Likewise, the causes that determine this disease are not known with certainty, characterized by an unusual growth of tissue in the endometrium itself and even outside the uterine cavity.

It is something, no doubt, very complex, and the women who experience it see their quality of life very affected .

It is a silent pain whose impact always depends on the severity caused by the lesions of the growth of that tissue, which can reach even the intestines and the bladder.

There are patients with very delicate situations: young girls who, for example, need a tube to be able to urinate without pain.

Other women, for their part, must undergo a whole series of complex operations where the hope of living without pain seems never to come.

The treatment associated with endometriosis is almost always based on surgical interventions and hormonal treatments that regulate the production of estrogen.

On the other hand, something that is worth remembering is that when facing a chronic illness , we should never stay with only one option.

The multidimensional approach in which combining medical therapies with natural or even psychological treatments can be of great help.

Today in our space we propose that, if it is your case, if you suffer from endometriosis, try all those alternatives that you think may suit your particular needs.

We recommend 5 simple dimensions.

1. Improve your diet: there are foods that can help reduce pain

Endometriosis: 5 little-known aspects that will improve your quality of life

Let’s clarify, first of all, that changing our eating habits will not cause endometriosis to heal.

What we will achieve is to reduce inflammation, regulate the production of estrogen and strengthen our immune system.

Take note of the following tips:

  • Increase fiber consumption
  • Reduces the consumption of fats but increases, above all, that of those healthy fats such as omega 3:
    • Salmon
    • Nuts
    • Olive oil
    • Avocado
    • Canned sardines
    • Flax seeds
    • Broccoli

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  • Consume products of organic origin, your diet should be at all times as natural as possible:
    • Reduce gluten consumption
    • Replaces dairy products with vegetable drinks
  • Other foods that can help you are the following:
    • Garlic
    • Citric fruits
    • Spinach
    • Dandelion and fennel
    • Apple vinager
    • Vegetables (Onion, cucumber, carrot)
    • Quinoa
    • Papaya

2. Increase your doses of vitamin D

In most treatments for patients with endometriosis, drugs are prescribed to regulate the production of estrogen.

This can imply a deficit of calcium : it is necessary to consult with your doctor the need to take vitamin D supplements.

3. Keep a calendar of your symptoms

Endometriosis: 5 little-known aspects that will improve your quality of life

The body of the woman follows a cycle and the endometriosis, on average, is regular in its symptomatology.

  • To anticipate certain symptoms , it will be good for us to keep a calendar or a diary where we can write what we feel , what hurts us, what worries us.
  • Little by little we will get to know our disease a bit more and that will always offer us an advantage.

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4. Exercises that can help reduce the pain associated with endometriosis

Endometriosis: 5 little-known aspects that will improve your quality of life

Physical exercise is very appropriate in case we suffer endometriosis.

However, it is necessary to point out some aspects:

  • Make that exercise that gives you more pleasure or welfare : we seek above all to increase the production of endorphins .

It is not, therefore, exhausting, but to enjoy.

  • Do exercise sessions of no more than 10 minutes in a row, something moderate to help us relax and, at the same time, promote sweating .
  • You can go for a walk, dance or practice swimming: it is necessary for your heart to pump properly to improve blood circulation.
  • Performing exercise regularly will also reduce the amount of estrogen produced by our body.

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Give yourself rest times on a regular basis

Endometriosis can affect many areas of our life : the physical, emotional , professional and even sexual.

  • It is complicated, delicate and, above all, incapacitating in many ways.
  • There are women who feel misunderstood, who do not have all the support they would need from their environment, their family and even from the world of work.
  • We are sure that, little by little, things will improve, that society will be much more sensitive to this disease.

However, meanwhile, it is essential that, in case you suffer endometriosis, you prioritize, attend, take care of yourself.

  • Factors such as stress, fatigue, seeing how there are days when we can not perform our responsibilities, exhausts.
  • When you feel this way, disconnect, rest: give yourself time for yourself.

It is essential that you do it, because in this way we combine new energies to deal much better with this constant struggle against pain.

Endometriosis: 5 little-known aspects that will improve your quality of life