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Exercise improves memory and learning

It is important to find time to exercise, especially if we have to study a lot or we want our learning to be greater. Exercise is not only good for our health and fitness, but also increases our mental well-being . Discover how exercise improves memory and learning.

Exercise can help us stay calm in the face of the daily stress that many people suffer today, as it helps us feel more energized and refreshed and thus obtain the best results. In addition, regular physical activity helps maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of serious diseases, such as heart disease and some types of cancer .

Staying active does not require a great deal of time and effort. Doing 150 minutes (two and a half hours) of moderate-intensity physical activity, such as or biking in the week, can provide many benefits .

The relationship between exercise and our brain

Due to the pumping of the blood, more oxygen is supplied to the brain, so exercise clears the mind . However, recent studies have shown that the effects of exercise are different in memory, as well as in the brain, depending on whether the athlete is a teenager or an adult, the earlier one begins to exercise, the results will be better. In addition, it has been identified that a gene seems to mediate the degree of benefit that exercise will have in our brain.

The body was designed to be in motion and when we move our bodies, our brain also moves. . When it comes to our brain, if we do not move, there is no real need to learn something.

Exercise improves learning at three levels. It optimizes our way of thinking, by improving alertness, attention and motivation. Learning prepares and stimulates the nerve cells to join with each other, which is the cellular basis for learning new information. Finally, exercise encourages the development of new nerve cells from stem cells in the hippocampus, an area of ​​the brain related to memory and learning.

In some schools, studies have been conducted about the exercise to see if it increases a child’s reading ability and performance in other subjects. What these studies have shown is that, effectively, exercise improves the teaching capacity .

Now we know that the brain is flexible. That is, it is an adaptive organ that can be molded in the same way that a muscle can be developed when lifting weights. The more the brain is used, the stronger and more flexible it becomes . So, you know, if you want to keep your brain and memory healthy, in addition to mental exercises, practice sports.

Image courtesy of Mike Baird.

Exercise improves memory and learning