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Exercises to lose weight

To lose arms, it is necessary to have a healthy diet, low in fat and perform exercises focused on reducing the fat of the arms ; For this it is necessary to combine cardiovascular exercises and strength training with low weights, so as not to create too much muscle mass, and get thin arms.


Although exercise is very important and helps to lose weight in the arms and avoid sagging in them, it is very important to consider the diet . The most effective way to lose arm fat is to reduce calories during exercise, as it will increase the caloric deficit and make you lose weight faster. Reduce about 500 calories daily in the diet, you lose about 450 grams a week.

Base your diet on fruits, vegetables and whole grains , and on foods rich in fiber, which help to satisfy you . Avoid sweets, alcohol, coffee and carbonated drinks, and choose water as your main drink , which in addition to not having calories, helps moisturize and eliminate toxins from your body.


Cardio exercises help burn calories and increase heart rate ; It is important to use machines that involve arm movements, such as ellipticals, rowing machines, arm bars and bicycles, and perform activities such as swimming, rowing and kick boxing, which also help to work the entire body.

Simply doing a vigorous walk with dumbbells in your hands, while moving your arms, will help fine-tune them. It is recommended that the duration of cardio sessions, should last from 60 to 90 minutes, for four or five days a week.


Dumbbell exercises, in addition to losing weight, tone the arms, strengthen the biceps and triceps, and can be performed standing or sitting. Perform two or three sets of eight to ten repetitions for the routine to be effective, and both before and after, performs stretching of the muscles to avoid muscle injuries.

Exercises to lose weight


The main muscles of the arms are the triceps and biceps; The triceps is in the back of the arm and the biceps is in the anterior region of the arm, and it is important when using weights, working both muscles, which will help to tone and define them. It is necessary to involve the extension and flexion of the elbow, which work the triceps and biceps respectively.

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Exercises to lose weight