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Exercises to reduce the waist burning fat

The line of our feminine waist and hip is, undoubtedly one of the most attractive forms of the body. Being able to wear jeans, a skirt, sometimes requires that we lose a few kilos . And it is not just an aesthetic sense, it is also implicit in our health and the need to maintain our ideal weight. One way to model them, is without a doubt through some simple exercises.

First of all we have to tell you that there is no magic wand that serves us all. Each one of us has a constitution and a metabolism, this means that there are people who will achieve it more quickly, and others, they will require a little more time. What we do need is willpower and constantness. But is it worth it. How about we try?

Basic tips to lose weight in the waist and hip

Exercises to reduce the waist burning fat

1. Feeding tips

Start the day with a depurative juice, or a lemon juice, or one of pineapple or papaya, or one of beet with apple

Half an hour later, breakfast properly: a whole toast or a bowl of oatmeal, a yogurt with fruit … Remember that breakfast is always essential. Throughout the day you must meet all your meals, but never in large quantities .

Eliminate dairy products, lean meats, sweets … increase your consumption of vegetables, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. Infusions can also help you, such as ginger tea, green tea, dandelion tea, aloe see …

2. Physical exercise

We will do two sessions of exercise, one at home and one outdoors.

  • You can choose between walking one hour a day or running at a rapid pace for fifteen minutes.
  • The second exercise session, we will do it at home and it will last for half an hour. It is a simple table that we will illustrate below.

3. Stay hydrated

Ideally, you should drink at least 2 liters of water per day (natural juices are included) . Do not forget to include a little bottle in your bag when you leave home. Drinking sips from time to time will help keep you hydrated.

4. Avoid sitting too long

Passivity and sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of fat accumulating in our waist and hips . Control the time that, for example, you spend sitting watching television or working with the computer. Try to move a little every hour.

5. Be constant

You must be consistent in your determination to lose weight. The change of diet and the obligation to practice some exercises a day, sometimes it is difficult to comply. A good method to achieve it, is to unite your purpose to one or several friends. That way it will be more comfortable to walk out, or consult what foods you can do to lose weight. The motivation will be greater.

Exercises to lower the waist and hip

Elevation of legs

Exercises to reduce the waist burning fat

Kneeling on the floor with your hands supported on all fours, lift one leg extending it back until it is in a straight line with your torso. Keep it in this position twenty seconds. Then, do the same with the other.

Hip elevation

Exercises to reduce the waist burning fat

Now stand on your back with legs legs flexed. Now support the soles of the feet on the ground, holding the arms extended on both sides of your body. Once you’re this way, raise your abdomen as much as you can and stay like that 20 20 seconds.

Circular elevations

Exercises to reduce the waist burning fat

Now lie on your side and raise one leg as you see in the illustration. Next, start making small circles in the air, gently, to one side and the other. Do it like this for 20 seconds and then change legs.


Exercises to reduce the waist burning fat

Now we stand up. Separate your legs a little, put your hands on your back and lift one of the legs (being careful not to lose your balance), and keep it for about 15 seconds as you see in the drawing. Then repeat it with the other.


Exercises to reduce the waist burning fat

This exercise is very easy to do, but the resistance you perform is very effective . Stand up, stretch your arms, and then bend your knees. Try to perform this simple exercise about ten times.

As you can see, these exercises are very easy to do. It is enough that you find half an hour a day to perform them, alternating with each other. If you accompany yourself with some music you will be more pleasant. But remember, the important thing is to be consistent in your purpose.

Exercises to reduce the waist burning fat