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False ideas about aging

On many occasions it has been said that as a person grows older they become more and more exhausted, which is something that no one can avoid, but in reality this may be something that many people will not happen to, here we will tell you the reason for this affirmation.

There are a lot of factors that can determine the slow or accelerated progress of the inevitable natural aging process. One of the factors that can cause the passage of time to be noticed sooner than it really should be is depression; a person who lives depressed and bad humorada can be seen much older than one of the same age who has more reasons to live happy and smiling, or at least share more with other people and seeks to be always distracted. Another point that can favor the delay of aging may be to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

In this opportunity we will list some beliefs about the factors that can determine if the aging process accelerates or takes longer to appear or at least become noticeable, many of which turn out to be just that, myths or false beliefs that many people take for granted.

Genes can predetermine health

False It all depends on the behavior and how we take the reins of our lives, if we exercise, we learn to handle each of the emotions that occur every day in our life, if we control situations that cause us stress and we can also have adequate hours of sleep, very surely we can achieve that inevitable old age is slow to appear.

Does one age as it feels old?

False ideas about aging

False , since everything has to do with the style of life that each person has, for example if an elderly person throughout his life has taken care of himself, he can look much younger than he really is, but on the contrary a person who does not take care of himself, who drinks liquor, stays up late and leads a disorderly life may seem much older.

With the passage of time the body weakens

False. If an elderly person performs exercise, can increase strength and muscle mass, it has also been shown that just walk for thirty minutes a day can significantly improve the quality of life of older adults.

Memory ends with the passage of time

False ideas about aging

False This does not have to be cause for fear to think that, as we are getting older, we are going to run out of memory or we no longer have the capacity to learn new things. In fact, through some research that has been carried out in this regard, it has been possible to affirm that the parts of the brain that have to do with memory and learning capacity every day produce other new cells , therefore each day can replace those that are wearing out, which is very beneficial for this important body.

The energy ends with the passage of years

False. If a healthy lifestyle has been maintained and a good quality of life has been maintained, maintaining a positive attitude towards the different circumstances that we have to face, vitality will always be present, in addition if we practice exercises and sleep enough, very surely always We will be happy, with courage and energy to perform all daily tasks without the slightest hint of weakness.

The older a person is, the less likely they are to be happy

False ideas about aging
The episodes of sadness should serve us to learn, take new directions and emerge strengthened.

False Happiness is not determined in any way by the years, on the contrary, there are thousands of people who feel much happier and fuller as they get older and a fortiori, if a daily routine is done in which all the good ones are included. habits of healthy life and, in addition, you surround yourself with people who have a positive attitude towards life.


The best way to stay young, active, happy and healthy is to maintain a positive attitude in front of all the daily problems, to solve them with intelligence you must be calm, this depends largely on happiness and youth that we demonstrate to all, if we let ourselves be carried away by pessimism, sadness, and always complain what we project to others it will be a lonely and sad finished being that will look much older than it really is.

False ideas about aging