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How is the life of a couple after having a child

"It does not seem that hard," many couples think when they meet a newborn baby. But in that what arrives the opportunity to savor as it is the life in couple after having a child appear changes that disrupt the relationship between the two. For many couples, the arrival of children means the consolidation of love and relationship; while for others it can be a reason for breaking up if they fail to manage and channel the changes that maternity-paternity means for life as a couple. The first night of the baby

How to be a good father

No one knows how to be a good father. In fact, the turn that each man can give to fatherhood depends on multiple factors. For example, if it is planned or not, or even if the child is a blood descendant or adopted. However, beyond these conditions, paternity plays a very important role in the upbringing of children and their proper development. For that reason, in this article we share some tips to be a better father. The paternity The definition of paternity is very simple: it is being

5 levels of communication with our children

Communication with our children must be part of our day to day. At some point differences of opinion or criteria will arise, and that is when the communication tools must be used to maintain an assertive dialogue. Communication is not just talking or repeating warnings to our children. It is also a way to exchange points of view and, depending on the issue, can serve as a channel of union between the interlocutors. Good communication with our children, the basis of family harmony No wonder the appearance of conflicts between

15 activities to do as a family

How many times have we heard the child in the house say "I'm bored", and in that mom or dad jump to see what they can offer the child. Free time is more fun and enriching if we organize some activities to do as a family, instead of staying glued to the television. It does not take a big budget, it only requires a bit of organization during the week to specify the elements that are needed in the plan of activities to perform as a family, as well as a willingness to have a

4 children's toys made of recycled materials

If you are looking to reinforce the bond you have with your children, you can spend time with them making toys for children with recycled materials. So after having the craft ready, they will have a lot of fun. In addition to continuously buy toys that may not interest them in the future is a great expenditure of money and they will accumulate in the closet. That's why toys made with recycled materials are a great option. What materials can be recycled? One of the best ways to take care

Grandparents do not die, they still live in our hearts

They are an important part of any child's life, although not all of us have the privilege of keeping them until our mature age. In spite of everything, the grandparents continue to live in our hearts for all the lessons, affection and memories that they gave us in life. Take a few seconds to close your eyes and remember your grandparents. For example, the times that the grandmother cooked one of her many delicious dishes; Hugs and kisses when you got sick or when you dried your tears from an accident or reprimand

7 gift ideas for the family

Any reason is good to give and receive gifts for the family . Do not wait for special dates (which are certainly valid at the time), nor increase the consumption of superfluous things. The joy of being together and being a family is more than enough reason to give yourself a gift and share. Busy life full of job responsibilities of parents, an agenda rich in activities that is imposed on children and the hours lost in front of the television or surfing the Internet limit the possibilities of sharing as a family.

5 recommendations for dads and moms without time

The modern lifestyle is the reason why there are many dads and moms without time. Having to comply with an exhausting working day makes it difficult to dedicate to the family. This situation, in addition to worrying, is one of the main triggers of stress among parents , especially if the children are too young. Although there are services to take care of them and facilitate many household chores, the absence can cause negative consequences in the They need to feel that they are important to their parents and require time

Mothers sometimes feel loneliness

Motherhood is a stage of great changes. Many have to do with the delivery and responsibility of a new being and the way it impacts on the woman's previous life. Sometimes, these transformations overwhelm us and that is why mothers sometimes feel loneliness. Combining the facets of women and mothers successfully is not easy. As mothers, we sometimes go through circumstances such as uncertainty, the lack of a family network that supports us. They also include physical and hormonal changes, among some other transformations that produce stress. Added to this

Tips for a safe trip

Christmas is approaching, a very endearing parties where we all meet with our family and friends. This supposes in many cases, that we have to make large journeys by car on some busy dates, where everyone is in a hurry to arrive and. Normally, not in the best weather conditions for the station we are in. All these factors mean that every year we have news that fog the holidays, news that speaks of the increase in the number of traffic accidents on these dates. We will try to do our