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3 recipes for family dinners

Family dinners are an ideal occasion to share with our loved ones , as the daily routine envelops us in its vortex making it difficult to find moments to be together. It is important not to allow ourselves to be absorbed by activities and commitments and to devise ways to keep close to the beings we love the most. One of the ways to maintain daily contact are family dinners. This is an important meal and can be planned to fit everyone's schedule . Family dinners open the space to share what happened

The wonderful thing about being a woman, mother, daughter and wife

Have you ever underestimated how wonderful it is to be a woman? You are not the only one. In a world like ours, where we are overwhelmed with messages about the stereotyped roles of women, it is very easy to succumb. As women, we are subjected daily to a series of challenges and experiences that would make the most audacious run. However, we have the capacity to face all the challenges that are presented to us and, in most cases, to come out victorious. Being a woman, mother, daughter and wife

Modern families: 5 characteristics

The families of this decade have changed considerably compared to the traditional families , which were made up of heterosexual parents, being the man who had more weight at the time of making decisions. Nowadays, although there are many families that maintain these characteristics, significant changes have taken place , which has given way to the so-called modern families. In your case, do you consider that your family is modern? What is a family for you? Probably, the first thing that goes through your mind will be the classic structure of father and

6 values ​​that any happy family has

In the globalized world of today, where technology and social networks impose trends, education in values ​​has not gone out of fashion . Quite the opposite. The values ​​of a happy family are still the best way to build a better world. Values ​​are those that mediate peaceful coexistence. Or so it should be. Educating children with the values ​​of a happy family can be the guarantee that the future needs to be less plagued by violence, fear and uncertainty. What are the values ​​of a happy family?

My grandmother is a star who gave me life

My grandmother star is a gift that gave me life, because her advice illuminates my steps. She is the most precious treasure I have and I take great care of her. The one that has served me as a model to be what I am today. My grandmother, is the ideal companion because she has all the time in the world to share a tea, listen to me, understand me and, above all, to embrace us. Grandmother is the nickname with which the children designate the mother of their parents. She

5 movies to see with the grandparents

Watching movies as a family is a great idea to promote the bond of affection. But it can be complicated that they are suitable for everyone. You have to choose carefully the movies to see with the grandparents and at the same time the children can enjoy them. In this way they will have fond memories of those moments of entertainment with the beings they love the most. They can also share their views about how they thought about the film and what morals it left them. The best movies to

The need to spend time with the family

The need to spend time with the family was born from the desire to share enriching experiences with the people you love. These moments are the ideals to create bonds that endure over time and allow you to overcome adversity. The family is a group of people linked by kinship or affinity that coexist in a certain place. There you learn about principles and values ​​to be properly integrated into society. It is good to plan to enjoy in the company of the family whenever you have a free moment .

7 habits for healthy families

One of the most recurrent consultations between marriages with small children or adolescents is how to ensure that everyone has healthier habits and that the "tune" is the same regardless of age. Do not hesitate to take a look at these 10 habits for healthy families. Do not go hungry Unlike what is believed, each day should eat what is appropriate according to the physical activities and caloric expenditure of each person. This serves to maintain a healthy weight. "Dying of hunger" is a very common mistake among dieters .

Adoption: Accepts a new member in the family

Having a child goes far beyond blood ties. In fact, it is about the possibility of creating affective bonds with beings that may not have your DNA. If fertility is not on your side, or if you consider yourself capable of giving love above anything, adoption is the vehicle to accept a new member in the family. Adoption is considered as an option for those who wish to form a home. It is a procedure that varies from country to country and depends on different requirements. However, the essence of adoption is

The figure of the maternal grandmother: why is it so important?

According to the well-known writer and filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, creator of psychomagy and psychogenealogy, the maternal grandmother plays a preponderant role in the life of women . Regardless of whether or not we have known the maternal grandmother, or that we trust in the theory of the controversial Chilean artist, the maternal grandmother has a significant relevance in our life. It is enough to value that it is the woman who gave life to our mother. However, it is worth analyzing some considerations of Jodorowsky's theory, in the light of knowledge endorsed by