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Famous couples with age difference: how did their stories end?

There are famous couples with age differences, quite broad, who have been news in the best covers of entertainment magazines. Seeing them, many wonder: will it be a genuine relationship ? Will they be able to overcome the age differences?

Others, with more prejudices, tend to think that they are relationships based on some type of interest , be it economic or professional. But the truth is that they exist, in the same way that they occur in the common people, although their stories are not so transcendent.

These are the famous couples with current age difference

1. Risto Mejide and Laura Escanes, 21 years of lovely difference

The presenter was already very famous at the beginning of his romance with the influencer Escanes and many doubted the future of the relationship. However, after a while together they sealed their love with a marriage .

This year they have shown more love than ever and know perfectly how to complement their preferences and personalities. They live a constant honeymoon, they allow themselves to have fun and advance in their personal projects, but always accompanied .

2. Emmanuel Macron and Briggitte Macrom, an unconventional presidential family

Outside the conservative beliefs of any society, the current French president Emmanual Macron was faithful to his adolescent feelings . In his student days he fell hopelessly in love with his literature teacher, and over time, he turned his dreams of love into reality.

He married Briggitte, 25 years older than him. Overcoming all cultural obstacles formed a large family that includes 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

Famous couples with age difference: how did their stories end?

3. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, a 17-year-old junior lawyer captivated the eternal movie bachelor

There is no doubt that the actor was one of Holliwood’s most coveted bachelors. In fact, everyone already spoke of him as a ‘bachelor’ impossible to marry . However, the activist Amal Alamuddin crossed in his life and conquered the knight in a short time.

They are together since then and in 2017 their twin sons were born , who came to crown this romantic story. Another of the famous couples with age difference that continue happily with the union.

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4. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, 25 years apart, diseases and swings mark the relationship

Both extremely famous, sensual and desired by many. They started their romance in the year 2000 with a shocking media impact . It can be said that they were always the center of attention of all the means of spectacles.

With strong personalities and surrounded by many rumors, they have had their swings in the relationship . But it seems that the love they have was enough to overcome all the plays of fate and their own behavior.

Cancer, bipolarity, addictions … a series of diseases that were present in these years, failed to break your partner. Even the accusations of sexual harassment that the actor had to face were fought between the two.

Other famous couples with different age changed the course

5. Deemi More and Ashton Kutcher, and a not so happy ending

The couple, with an age difference of 13 years, got married despite the negative repercussions that their relationship had. But it seems that they failed to balance their desires and feelings , so the years of being together announced their separation.

Apparently the infidelity of the actor was one of the causes of this break. With the distance, the differences increased and ended in a divorce later.

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6. Madonna and Jesus Luz, 27 years old and … few topics?

The queen of pop was in partnership with the Latin American model 27 years younger than her. Beyond that the singer seems to have no age, the truth is that the experience gained with the years lived, was one of the reasons for the separation.

Surely the physical aspect, sex and admiration for another person are important factors in the couple, but dialogue is also key. And it seems that in this relationship the topics of conversation were nonexistent .

Famous couples with age difference: how did their stories end?

Famous couples with different ages dare to face the world with their stories . Some have advanced in their relationships forming lasting families , others broke in the attempt.

But the truth is that they are the same as any other experience of non-media people, they go through the same problems of love and face the same discussions. Well, it seems that love does not change according to the profession .

Famous couples with age difference: how did their stories end?