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Different ways to take advantage of your bracelets

Bracelets are one of the most popular accessories. Not only do they provide a lot of style, but they can make a whole outfit look much nicer. When you define your image to go out to the street, go to work or to an appointment, it is essential to have original accessories that stand out in your dress, giving it a touch of color, elegance or fun (depending on the occasion for which you prepare) . Many times we accumulate several bracelets over the years. We may stop using many and simply

The return of the flared jeans

Every so often, fashion decides to rescue some element of the past to give it a new twist. This is the case of the flared jeans, typical of the 1960s. Do you remember that this type of pieces returned at the beginning of the new millennium? Well, they have done it again. The fashion runways during autumn and winter of 2017 were the scene for the return of these pieces, with small adjustments. Therefore, by the beginning of 2018, the stained-glass windows of the clothing stores were displaying their mannequins with

5 tips to keep your new shoes from carving you

Buying shoes is something that everyone likes. However, when used in those first weeks, the sensation usually becomes much less pleasant due to the pain and discomfort they cause. If you want to prevent your new shoes from carving you, we recommend you follow these tips. It often happens that, despite having new shoes, a person still uses the same as always. This is motivated by the pain, blisters and discomfort that the new pair can cause. Although it is clear that this is not fair. If you buy something,

Learn to cover the dark circles with these 5 makeup tricks

Dark circles can be very annoying if you have them very marked, there is no need to show them all if you do not like them when you look in the mirror. Therefore , we want to show you what are the options you have to cover the dark circles. The tired face can appear at any time, fatigue can invade us when we least think. Do not feel bad about having dark circles, it 's a very natural symptom. If you have slept badly recently, if you do not rest well

Different ways to wear a horsetail

The ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles to make and we always look trimmed. With the passage of time, this hairstyle has acquired a lot of versatility, so there are hundreds of options available. Everything will depend on our taste. The ponytails can be done with braids, high, low in the center. Anyway, the way you like. In general, we look for the most practical and simple way to get out of trouble, when we are disheveled or do not know what to do with our hair. Sometimes we just

Beautiful braids to show off in your hair

For a few years, hairstyles have taken a new prominence in personal aesthetics. For this reason, people increasingly choose to comb with beautiful braids. Now it is true works of art look in our strands, to make the hair glisten and have a much more extensive and sophisticated look. First of all, remember that, to get some beautiful braids, we must have well untangled hair. rápido cuando no tienes nudos, por ello debes procurar desenredar tu cabello siempre con un buen peine. Braids are made much faster when you have no knots, so

Semi-permanent nails, the new trend

If you are one of the girls who like to wear their nails painted and well groomed, surely you have heard about this new trend in terms of manicure and nail care. With the passage of time, we find fewer and fewer holes in our agenda to manage, because it takes time and some mastery to always have beautiful and elegant nails. With this new enamel you will have a very good semi-permanent finish that will be the envy of all. For this reason, not having so much time will no longer be an

Decorate your hair clips

Often, we have many hair pieces that have lost their initial decoration but are still very useful. On the other hand, others already come in sober styles, because they are not initially intended to look on the hair, but to hold it from the inside. If you want to give a new twist to your tweezers and other hair pieces, this is the moment. Since many times we want to look unique and excel, but without wearing too many accessories, we resort to pieces that stand out on their own: a hook, a clip,

Different ways to use your old clothes

Often, we stop using clothes. T-shirts, pants, handkerchiefs, et cetera. The bad thing is that they tend to accumulate, little by little, in the closet. We do not get rid of them but we do not use them either. Therefore, it is necessary to look for different ways to use your old clothes. At the time of reusing a garment that we no longer wear, the important thing will be to evaluate the state in which it is. If it does not present much or almost no type of deterioration, obviously

The most beautiful dresses

Going to a gala-clad celebration is a great occasion for women to shine. They all know it and that is why they enjoy planning their outfit so much for that special night. With the intention of collaborating and giving ideas for this moment, we present the most beautiful dresses. The dresses, also called long dresses, are those that are used for events such as weddings, awards and other large events. There are also acts that explicitly clarify in the invitation or call that you must wear 'black tie'. This means that