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Fight the "thieves of time" in your day to day

Organization is the key to success. You have to fight the thieves of time in the day to day to promote

Distractions are eliminated and concentration is increased, which will result in better results.

In the globalized world, time has acquired unsuspected value and managing it correctly will make a difference. Prosperity and success may be closely linked to that goal.

Thieves of Time: What are they?

A phone call, greetings in the corridor or a meeting without objectives waste time and concentration .

Also, check social networks, check mail, instant messaging alerts, curious videos or images divert attention from work.

Fighting the thieves of time in your day to day does not mean banishing your mobile or your computer . Nor avoid contact with other people. It’s a matter of organization and discipline, it’s that simple.

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Fight the "thieves of time" in your day to day

The first thing is to recognize them and know what those “time thieves” are that every day deviate us from the objectives, even momentarily .

Lack of clarity and organization, lost time

In contrast, the lack of clarity and organization takes time. Distracts, leads to other issues and activities that are far from those that must be met with priority.

An important aspect is to differentiate the urgent from the important . Facing the unforeseen subtracts valuable time, because it forces us to leave priority decisions aside. The lack of planning and organization lead to it.

It is also very important to learn to say no . Whoever wants to talk or raise less relevant issues will have to wait. The priority will be to complete the activity in development .

Values ​​that fight the thieves of the time

Discipline and punctuality

Fight the "thieves of time" in your day to day

The discipline is the best ally to combat the current and new thieves of time. It implies respecting responsibilities and schedules, because every minute counts for the productivity of a team.

Punctuality, on the other hand, is one of the most important assets. Arriving late at a meeting is a fault that hurts everyone.

The commitment to deliver a task on time must be fulfilled. The opposite is an unforgivable theft of time, of others and of one’s own.

Order and organization

The order and organization are basic elements to banish the thieves of time, and not take them into account leads to the delay in the work.

A desk full of papers denotes disorder and increases the possibility of not fulfilling responsibilities. On the contrary, having everything necessary at hand will reduce the time that has to be spent on each task.


Fight the "thieves of time" in your day to day

Knowing where the objectives are going, what the goals are, will make it easier to reach them. So, clarity is another key aspect to scare away the thieves of time.

The dispersion will be left aside, since a clear panorama will favor concentration.

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Making the tasks more attractive and assigning those that are less attractive is a way to avoid wasting time. Therefore,

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When to start and when to finish?

Fight the "thieves of time" in your day to day

Establishing the time to start and finish a job is very productive. Leaving it at random leads to doing it in a hurry and with a questionable quality; the lack of definition over time can lead to doing in two days what could be done in one.

Metabolic rhythm is important to save time. There are .

Detecting them will help establish in those periods the greater or lesser burden of responsibilities to increase productivity. For some people, the first hours of the day are ideal; others prefer the night.

Not everything is the responsibility when it comes to fighting thieves of time on a day to day basis. It is advisable to take a break of 10 minutes every two hours .

Fight the "thieves of time" in your day to day