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Turnstile: how it is done and what effect it has

When someone suffers an accident it can happen that a wound begins to bleed very abundantly. In the event that no action is taken, the person may end up bleeding. Therefore, it is very important to know how to make a tourniquet. Unless we have done a course of first aid or that this type of knowledge is included in the formations of different professions, for example the fire department, the rest of human beings do not know this type of information. Therefore, today you will discover how a tourniquet is made

Muscle cramps, do you know how to fight them?

Muscle cramps - scientifically muscle spasms - is something that almost everyone has suffered at some time in our lives. What exactly are they? What are the causes? Can they be prevented? Through this article we will try to get closer to this problem to know it and know how to act in front of it. Muscle cramps, what are they? Muscle spasms are brief, involuntary contractions of a muscle . This contraction produces a stiffness in the muscle, causing its immobilization for a few seconds. The consequence is a

Being a caregiver, the keys to assist other people

Being able to pay attention to oneself is a prerequisite to having the ability to pay attention to others; Feeling at ease with oneself is the necessary condition to relate to others. ( Erich Fromm ) The daily activities of a caregiver are often limited or changed significantly. Being a caregiver entails a continuous coping with stress caused by physical and / or psychological exhaustion , as well as difficult moments of incomprehension, loneliness or lack of support from others. But it can also be a very positive and rewarding

What to do before a blow to the coccyx or tailbone

The coccyx or tailbone is located in the final part of the spine, in the lower back and followed by the sacrum, with which it articulates. Although the coccyx no longer has an important function in the human body, it offers insertions for muscles and ligaments and acts as a shock absorber when a person sits down; On many occasions before a sitting fall, the coccyx can be easily injured, and requires a period of recovery and very little treatment. Women are more likely to suffer lower back injuries because their pelvises are wider

The Epley maneuver

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is a disorder that affects the inner ear and causes vertigo in certain positions. This, accompanied by nausea and feeling of faintness, is something that can be resolved thanks to Epley's maneuver. Knowing how to perform the Epley maneuver will allow us to help anyone who suffers from this disorder when it appears at the most unexpected moment. Next, we will discover different ways to carry out this type of maneuver. How to practice the Epley maneuver The way to practice the Epley maneuver is not

Do we know how to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack?

Interestingly, being one of the leading causes of death in the world, many times you do not get to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack, and therefore the person is not treated on time. Myocardial infarction, heart attack or heart attack occurs when the arteries supplying this organ become blocked or blocked. This obstruction produces a lack of blood supply and prevents oxygen from reaching the myocardial cells. How early this condition is treated depends on the partial or total death of the myocardium. Hence, one of the keys to survive a

Shoulder dislocation: causes and first aid

Shoulder dislocation occurs when the bones that make up the joint move and stop being in contact. Shoulder dislocation The shoulder is a complex joint, formed by the humerus, the The rounded end of the humerus bone is inserted physiologically into a cavity of the shoulder blade, called the glenoid. This coordinated union of some bones with others, allow the correct mobility of the shoulder joint. Shoulder dislocation occurs when this rounded end of the humerus comes out of its cavity (the glenoid) and loses contact with it.

How to put together a "natural" first aid kit

Surely you know the main elements that should be in a conventional first aid kit: gauze, dressings, bandages, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc. But did you know that you can put together a natural kit for all kinds of wounds? Do not hesitate to learn it in the following article. Elements that should not be missing in a natural medicine cabinet You can prepare it to leave at home, to go on vacation, to the office or to the club. The "remedies" that are placed in this medicine cabinet have the ability

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an emergency technique that is carried out when a person is in cardiorespiratory arrest, that is, they have stopped breathing or their heart has stopped beating. What is it and how is it practiced? CPR is performed in order to maintain blood flow by irrigating different organs . In this way, oxygenation of the tissues is maintained for a time. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation combines maneuvers to maintain oxygenation (mouth-to-mouth breathing) with others aimed at preserving blood circulation (cardiac compressions). It is a basic measure when giving

Carbon monoxide poisoning, what happens to our body?

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and inholoro gas . It is found in the open air as well as in closed spaces, that is, in houses, buildings, etc. This gas if exhaled, even if the amounts are not very high, can cause death by poisoning in a few minutes. This is because it replaces oxygen in hemoglobin, which is the protein that red blood cells have in charge of transporting oxygen to cells. Therefore, when breathing normally, it enters and is rapidly distributed to all parts of the body such as blood,