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First symptoms of cancer that 90% of people ignore

Cancer warns As soon as it appears, there are some early symptoms that can be fundamental to achieve These can make the disease go no further and be diagnosed in time.

90% of people usually ignore these symptoms, so it is convenient to take them into account.

If there is something important in a disease such as cancer, that is the early diagnosis. So, if you observe any of these symptoms, do not be alarmed but go to your .

Maybe it’s nothing, but if you have any type of cancer it will be much better that they start treating you as soon as possible. In these cases, prevention is better than cure.

1. Appearance of neoplasms on the skin

First symptoms of cancer that 90% of people ignore

The appearance of neoplasms on the skin can be one of the first symptoms of skin cancer and also breast cancer. However, it is not the only one. It is also related to the appearance of lumps , both in the breasts and in the area of ​​the

  • In addition, it is also likely that in this case you suffer from irritation or see that you have pimples of unknown provenance that are not related to the allergic reaction to food or cosmetics.
  • If you see that in your skin appear suppurating sores in the middle of the neoplasm or that your moles are growing and change in size, go to your doctor as soon as possible.

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2. Prolonged cough

If, suddenly, you see that you get prolonged coughing fits for no apparent reason, maybe you should turn on the alerts.

  • Prolonged cough is one of the symptoms of the disease that is accompanied by a reduction in appetite and rapid weight loss.
  • And in the most advanced stages of cancer, yes, lung, appears cough with blood and shortness of breath.

3. Itching

If you have itching and itching you have to keep in mind that in most cases nothing will have to do with a cancer.

However, the truth is that, sometimes, it does have a certain relationship . And it is that from a clinical point of view, there are

4. Watch your intestine

First symptoms of cancer that 90% of people ignore

One of the first symptoms of colon cancer is related to the proper functioning of the intestine.

  • In this sense, you will have to see if you see blood in the stool, mucus and pus also in the stool or if you suffer from intestinal incontinence.

5. The color of the urine

Another aspect that you must watch and take into account is the color that your

In this sense it could be accompanied by other symptoms such as:

  • Blood in the urine
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney pain
  • Chronic increasing tiredness

6. Weight loss

As we say, rapid weight loss is another symptom that should be taken into account. This is typical of stomach cancer.

However, the truth is that in a first stage will be a barely noticeable symptom , however, then it will be accompanied by the following:

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7. Prolonged sore throat

First symptoms of cancer that 90% of people ignore

Prolonged sore throat may be another symptom of cancer of the larynx and is usually accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • First, there is difficulty breathing and pain when swallowing.
  • The growth of the neoplasm occurs, so that the person feels the presence of a foreign body in the throat .
  • The voice becomes hoarse and little by little it is completely lost.
  • In addition, there will be

Although you should bear in mind that these observations are not decisive when making a diagnosis, they are a solid basis for diagnosing the disease.

So, if you have noticed any of them, do not hesitate to see your doctor as soon as possible .

First symptoms of cancer that 90% of people ignore