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Flavored corn tortillas, discover how to make them

Corn tortillas are a perfect snack for any lunch or snack. With them we can prepare a large number of simple dishes to eat between meals.

However, some people consider them somewhat simple and insipid. Therefore, we show you how to prepare flavored corn tortillas, which will provide different nuances as we wish.

With these preparations we can prepare delicious corn tortillas with which to take different types of wraps , or Simply fill in these flavored corn tortillas with some of our favorite ingredients to make for a wonderful meal.

How to prepare corn tortillas?


  • 1 cup of corn flour, white or whole (144 g)
  • ¾ cup of warm water (180 ml)
  • ¼ teaspoon of salt (1 g)

With these three simple ingredients we can prepare the tortillas. Then, we will use different ingredients added according to the type of flavor we want to contribute.

What should we do?

  • First, we will start to prepare the corn tortillas by mixing the corn flour with the warm water in a bowl.
  • We will knead the mixture with our hands until the ingredients are properly integrated and we obtain a dough as soft as moist.
  • Once we have reached this point, we will separate the dough into several parts and with each one we will form a ball with our hands .
  • We will place each one of these balls in a very hot pan. Then, with the help of a wooden board or similar, we will flatten them, taking care not to with the pan.
  • Another option for your preparation is to place the balls one by one on a plate, which will help us to flatten them more easily.
  • We will control the cooking of the dough for a few minutes until the surface of the tortillas has browned on both sides.
  • When we have reached this point and the tortillas are properly browned, we remove them and reserve them, placing them on a clean dishcloth .
Flavored corn tortillas, discover how to make them

Bring color and flavor to corn tortillas

With the steps above we can prepare corn tortillas in their standard format, without added flavors. When adding different touches to the preparation, we can add certain ingredients to the dough , before cooking them in the pan or on the griddle.

  • If you want a reddish color and a vegetable flavor, we can add 2 tablespoons of sweet paprika (30 g) or ½ cup of red pepper puree (50 g).
  • For a yellow color, we can add 2 tablespoons of turmeric (30 g) and well integrate this spice with the dough.
  • If we want a green color, we must add 5 or 6 coriander twigs and integrate them well into the mixture, to cut them up and do not give rise to lumps during cooking.

Another option to get this green color and an interesting flavor is to add ¼ cup of kale or kale (20 g), which should also be crushed well to avoid lumps.

  • To get some flavored corn tortillas with an orange color, we can add ¼ cup of shredded or grated carrot (28 g) into very thin strips.
  • Finally, to get a violet color in the corn tortillas, we can add to the mixture a few spoonfuls of steamed beet , and then turn it into puree.
Flavored corn tortillas, discover how to make them
The beet is a source of betaine and it is named after this nutrient

As you see, there are a lot of different variants. In short, all of them are based on adding some spice or some vegetable to the dough , and integrate it well into the mixture to avoid lumps forming during the preparation of the corn tortillas.

Use of flavored corn tortillas

With these tortillas we can get interesting variants in usual dishes. In addition to the added flavors, we can with some touches that combine attractive colors . In this way, we can place a sprig of parsley with violet or red tortillas, or some lemon rinds on the green tortillas.

All the possibilities are a matter of imagination, and allow us to enjoy all kinds of nuances in typical wraps , combining the flavors of the interior with that of corn tortillas. On the other hand, its striking colors will allow us to surprise any friend or family member we invite to eat.

Flavored corn tortillas, discover how to make them