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Foods to have more energy in the morning

Surely you will know the popular saying that says “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.”

When we get up we need to eat more to face the whole day that awaits us.

In this article we tell you what are the foods to have more energy in the morning.

How to have more energy in the morning

It is likely that your breakfast is a coffee and a bun on the way to work or while you dress and prepare things to leave home.

With this morning intake you are not offering the body the “fuel” necessary to start the day .

If you do not want to feel tired, weak or deconcentrated, you should eat foods that provide you with energy from the very beginning.

When your activities begin the brain will feel renewed, attentive and predisposed to follow you “the march”.

You can work better, perform more, have good ideas and avoid the physical and mental exhaustion that is so characteristic of these times.

The foods that should not be missing in your

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1. Healthy carbohydrates

It is necessary to make this distinction, because not all carbohydrates have the ability to be energetic .

To be considered “healthy” should not cause alterations in blood sugar levels (it is worth noting that they are a source of glucose and that the body transforms them into energy).

Among the best options are rye bread and oats (you can mix it with yogurt, milk or juice).

These two foods keep the body energized and give the brain the nutrients needed to make the right decisions and be more creative.

2. Egg

Foods to have more energy in the morning

If not consumed in excess the egg is healthy (although many believe that they are a prohibited food).

  • The protein that it offers is of high quality and, in addition, it provides essential amino acids that interact favorably with the hormones.
  • Consuming this food improves the .

For this reason, it would be good if you consumed a hard-boiled egg at breakfast two or three times a week.

It is very suitable especially in those days when you know that your schedule will be full, you have to make extra hours at work or an exhausting day awaits you.

3. Low-fat proteins

No bacon or sausages in the morning because they increase cholesterol levels in a huge way and, in addition, do not increase energy but quite the opposite.

Saturated fats make us slower and less able to make decisions.

It is likely that you experienced that feeling of heaviness and fatigue after a fatty and copious meal. This way you will feel all day if you have breakfast with this type of food.

On the contrary, if you choose some legumes (lentils, beans,

4. Nuts

Foods to have more energy in the morning

If you do not find it very “normal” to eat beans in the morning you can try nuts (almonds, nuts, peanuts, etc.).

  • These foods combine healthy fats, carbohydrates and vegetable proteins and give us a lot of energy.
  • When containing fibers we ensure a good glucose intake and the rest of the nutrients repair muscle damage and regulate the metabolism.

Keep in mind that nuts are high in calories, but a handful every two or three days is not discouraged.

5. Fruit smoothies

In summer it is easier to prepare a smoothie or fruit juice; however, we should also continue with this habit when it is cold.

Better if you take the time to peel and cut the fruits and put them in the blender.

6. Skimmed dairy

We make the difference of “skimmed”, because maybe milk or yogurt in the morning can be a bit heavy.

In addition, the version without fat serves to not gain weight and for those people who suffer from a mild intolerance to lactose.

  • Dairy products contain amino acids and nutrients that feed you and give you energy.
  • In case you do not want to consume this type of food you can opt for vegetable milks (almonds, soy, rice, etc). These do not provide cholesterol, they are antioxidants, they have few fats and they are rich in proteins.

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3 examples of energy breakfast

If you notice that you lack energy early, maybe you should try some of these menus:

1. Classic breakfast

We could say that it is the most “common” of all. It includes:

2. Quick breakfast

Foods to have more energy in the morning

For those who get up with just the right time or do not want to leave home so “heavy”.

  • In the glass of the blender place an apple, a banana, an orange, a handful of almonds, a little oatmeal and water.
  • Mix well and pour in a cup that you can take on public transport.

3. Low calorie breakfast

If you are looking to lose weight in addition to obtaining energy, this breakfast is perfect:

  • A skimmed yogurt
  • A toast with skimmed cheese
  • A fruit (can be pineapple slices, an apple or a pear, for example).

Foods to have more energy in the morning