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Foods to stop smoking

The habit of smoking is charged year after year the lives of thousands of people around the world. Affecting negatively also those who are exposed to smoke passively.

Although there are different methods to stop smoking, today we will talk about certain foods that can help in the process of eradicating this habit so harmful. Without leaving of course to emphasize that without the firm decision to abandon the cigarette, the methods used may not have the expected results.

Proper feeding results in a healthy body and sufficient fuel to work in optimal conditions. One of the main fears of smokers is the possibility of gaining weight when leaving the habit , but has been shown that by carrying out a balanced diet will not have why weight gain and also a healthier diet could help quit smoking.

If you have made the firm decision to quit smoking, you should continue reading to find out which foods should be included in your diet and which ones should you abandon. There are foods that enhance the taste of cigarettes and others that make it unpleasant.

What are these foods?

Among those that worsen the taste of cigarettes are fruits, vegetables, dairy products and those that enhance it are coffee, alcohol (especially beer) and meats. So now we can understand why it is quite common to see people smoking while drinking a cup of coffee, a drink, or after eating a dish that includes meat.

The idea would then be to use foods that worsen the taste of cigarettes as allies in the fight to stop smoking and of course avoid those that enhance or enhance it. For this change in your diet is not unbalanced, it is wise to consult with a professional, who will help objectively to develop a balanced diet plan, avoiding weight gain because of the anxiety that occurs when you stop smoking and Above all, avoid the lack of nutrients in your body.

Good hydration

Foods to stop smoking

Water can not be absent in this process, it will help to cleanse your body of toxins and impurities stored because of the habit of smoking. It is also very advisable to perform physical exercise if possible in the open air, in order to exercise your lungs and heart, which are the most affected organs in smokers. Allow your lungs to be charged with pure air to nourish every cell in your body.

Keep in mind that in addition to affecting your health in general, smoking affects the health of your skin, it is not uncommon to see smokers who appear to be much older than they really are. So, if you want to look younger, with beautiful skin, without premature and marked wrinkles, you decide to stop that horrible habit.

In addition to all the negative that smoking produces, it also makes your teeth yellowish and causes bad breath, reduces fertility in both men and women and increases the risk of sexual impotence.

Now that you know a little more about the negative effects of smoking uses food as an ally in the process of quitting and if necessary consult with your doctor, he will know how to guide you in case some type of medication is necessary.

Foods that enhance the taste of cigarettes can be included back into your diet gradually, after having spent at least three weeks started the process. And remember every time you feel tempted to light a cigarette that is stealing precious minutes of your life.

Foods to stop smoking

As we already mentioned, the cigarette is closely related to heart and lung problems, so it can produce severe consequences in your health, causing a life full of difficulties or premature death.

Foods to stop smoking