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Foods with high vitamin C content

When we think of vitamin C, a juicy orange automatically comes to mind. However, did you know that there are other foods with high vitamin C content in addition to this delicious fruit? Know them in the following article.

Why is vitamin C important?

It is one of the fundamental nutrients for our body and the good news is that we can incorporate it into the daily diet through many foods. Vitamin C helps to prevent flu, rebuild tissues, blood vessels and bones and improve the body’s ability to synthesize calcium.

In addition, vitamin C is necessary to motivate brain function, to heal injuries and to recover from certain diseases, those who performed an operation are advised. As it is a powerful antioxidant neutralizes free radicals. A diet that does not contain too much vitamin C can cause health problems. The recommended amount for men is 90 mg and for women 75 mg a day.

Foods with high vitamin C content

What are the biggest sources of vitamin C?


There is no doubt that they are one of the healthiest fruits that exist, and of the most delicious as well. They contain an excellent dose of vitamin C, but also, these powerful colors are high in fibers and antioxidants, which serve to reduce oxidative stress and protect the heart from bad cholesterol or LDL . Consume a serving (a bowl) of strawberries several times a week, since it satisfies half of what is needed each day.

Foods with high vitamin C content

Acerola berries

This small red fruit is full of Vitamin C and you can not miss these properties. It has 65 times more than an orange, for example. A single berry contains the recommended dose of a day. You can consume the berries either fresh and raw, as well as in preparations such as cakes or desserts and you buy them in powder in naturist houses.

Citric fruits

You could not miss this list of foods full of vitamin C. In addition to the already popular oranges, do not hesitate to add lemons, grapefruits and limes to your daily diet. All have a large amount of vitamins. A glass of orange juice , for example, offers 93 mg; a small glass of toronga juice, 70 mg.

Foods with high vitamin C content


They are a food that besides being delicious, has a large amount of vitamin C. One serving (a large or medium fruit) covers 100% of the recommended daily dose. Prepare a smoothie or papaya juice or mix it with yogurt to start the day with more energy and essential nutrients.


Its dark color (purple) reveals that it is a fruit with a large amount of vitamin C. The currants offer about 180 mg of this nutrient per serving (approximately one cup). They also provide iron, potassium, B5 vitamins and phytochemicals.

Foods with high vitamin C content


This fruit native to New Zealand really is amazing, because in such a small size it can contain a large amount of vitamin C, rather than an orange. In turn, it has flavonoids and potassium as well as bananas . Children who eat kiwi since they are young have a stronger respiratory tract all their lives.


They are available in various colors, red, green and yellow. They are a food full of vitamin C and beta-carotene. They have cardioprotective benefits, very good for the health of the heart , they prevent the appearance of ocular cataracts and the formation of clots in the blood. They have the ability to reduce the chances of suffering heart attacks or strokes. Half a cup of raw red peppers has 140 mg of vitamin, although the yellow one is the one that offers the most amount.

Foods with high vitamin C content


It is a delicious and very sweet exotic or tropical fruit that has about 250 mg of vitamin C per unit, meaning that eating half of it already meets the necessary daily dose. In turn, it is rich in potassium, folic acid, dietary fiber and manganese. The good news is that they are becoming easier to obtain in the markets due to importation.

Brussels sprouts

They are not the most popular vegetables that exist, but do not leave them aside because they contain a good amount of Vitamin C. A serving of cooked cabbages offers 50 mg, but its virtues do not end there because it also provides vitamins and K, manganese, folate, potassium and dietary fiber . There are different recipes for everyone to eat cabbages.

Foods with high vitamin C content


It has a good amount of vitamin C. One cup provides almost 70 mg and also a lot of potassium and vitamin A. Eating a serving of melon (like watermelon) will cover 112% of daily vitamin C requirements.


This fruit native to India is not well known in the West but it is increasingly used. Besides being delicious, it is one of the main ingredients of natural medicine, especially Ayurveda. For hundreds of years it has been consumed to improve the immune system . This is due, of course, to his contribution of Vitamin C.

Dark green leafy vegetables

In this group are chard, spinach , seaweed, watercress, turnip and mustard seed, etc. Do not stop adding them to the daily diet, they are very healthy. Among all, algae are the best choice for vitamin C, because they provide 130 mg in a single ration.

Foods with high vitamin C content

Foods with high vitamin C content