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Learn how to make 4 pots made with plastic bottles

Do you want to know some ideas to reuse those containers that you no longer use? We show you 4 ideas of pots made with plastic bottles that will not take you more than a few minutes. In all the houses we have several, and many times in disuse, since it is a material used to store several products, such as dairy products, beverages and cleaners. They have two great advantages, one its low cost, and another the ease with which different objects can be made from them. 4 ideas of pots

Make these beautiful pots with recycled materials

The pots are containers in which we put plants of all kinds , from small bonsai, flowers, ferns, aromatic herbs (such as mint, for example), to palm trees. Its purpose is to give a suitable support to the plant ornament that has been destined to a specific space (whether indoor or outdoor). While they can be purchased at any garden store and even in supermarkets; Many times it is best to make our own pots, to our liking. After all, the ones that tend to sell are typical red clay pots

Garden on your terrace, the best and simplest ideas to do it

If you have a place outside at home, do not hesitate to make a garden on your terrace. Since the benefits of having plants in the home are many. It transcends the decoration. And we will teach you how you can do one yourself in very simple steps. Benefits of having a garden on your terrace You take care of the environment. You get flowers to decorate. You can pick up food or herbs . You can create more lit areas and areas with shadows.

Make your own maths at home

If you do not have or have broken the one you had, do not worry. You can always make your own materos at home. You will only need a few materials and a touch of creativity. Today the materos are an important decorative element . Not only because they show part of our personality but because they also make plants stand out much more. Plants, whether ornamental or not, are the perfect complement to give life to your home. His care is basic and, having a good matero is also.

7 ways to use vinegar in the garden

It is well known that many elements of the house are suitable for other functions, beyond that for which they were created. Vinegar, without hesitation, is one of them. Did you know that it can be useful also for your plants? We show you seven ways to use vinegar in the garden. We often do not know the properties of the elements that we use on a daily basis and, therefore, we resort to chemists as the first option to solve the problems of our garden. However, this is not always necessary.

Ideas for designing gardens with flowers

We will give you some great ideas of gardens with flowers that you will love. With them you can take some tips and have a lovely corner like the ones we will show. The flowers are a fantastic decorative element since the variety of their colors and shapes, provide an incredible visual aesthetic. Beyond its beauty, the flowers have a unique aroma that transports you to a place of pleasure and rejoicing. From the smell you can achieve a sense of peace and tranquility. After a long day of work, who does

5 poisons to exterminate pests

The poisons to exterminate the pests that we need will depend on the type of insects that affect us and also the environment in which they are found. If you are looking for natural solutions to the unwelcome visitors you have in your home, what we are going to tell you can be very helpful. At some point in our lives, we will be affected by the visit of small beings that will not cause us much pleasure. There are many types of pests: ants, cockroaches and other insects; weeds and microbes;

10 plants that you can easily grow in your garden

If you do not have a lot of gardening skills or you are still a novice, do not worry. You can have your own mini garden, there are many plants that you can easily grow. Certainly, not all plants are easy to grow and maintain. Also, there are many that are not suitable for small pots or small spaces. Therefore, we must know how to make an appropriate selection of the plant with which we decide to start our journey through the world of gardening. What plants can you easily

4 ways to decorate your small garden

Do you have a small garden and would like to get more out of it without much effort? There are many ways to take advantage of this space and give it the touch we want with just a few decorative details. Everything will depend on your taste. Gardening can become a good to let your creativity flow. Regardless of the space, the idea is to have fun with the process and then enjoy the result. Preliminary advice There is nothing to worry about if you have a small garden.

14 mini urban gardens to give harmony to your balcony

So you can enjoy the magic of the mini urban gardens, here are some fabulous ideas to build and decorate your balcony. The slogan you should keep in mind is: try to get the most out of the space. You will see how easy it is to turn this place into a pleasant space to spend some time. On the other hand, you will notice that you can decorate in many ways with materials that are not very difficult to find and that, some, you can even find inside your own house, inside