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Trick to eliminate in a month all the germs and dead cells of the feet

The feet are the support of our body and, in spite of being so important, they are one of the areas that we usually neglect. Since they are continuously exposed to the ground, footwear materials and climate effects, it is common for them to have dryness, The most worrisome is that day by day it becomes more noticeable and can cause pain, hardness, cracking and other symptoms that generate discomfort. Fortunately, it is not necessary to resort to expensive treatments or products for their care, since there are 100% natural ingredients that

5 nutritious desserts and easy to prepare. You dare?

Are you dieting but you melt for a dessert? Do not worry! You can continue with your healthy diet and treat yourself with one of the following recipes. In addition to being low in calories, they are prepared easily and without many ingredients. 1. Fruit brochettes au gratin Ingredients 1 banana 1 kiwi 1 cup of pineapple (200 g) 1 ripe mango 1 red apple 1 cup of strawberries (150 g) 5 tablespoons of liquid sweetener

Infusion of ginger and aloe vera: a very powerful natural drink

The infusion of ginger and aloe vera is one of the most healing and powerful natural drinks that you have at your fingertips. If you have not tried it yet, if you have not yet discovered its flavor and benefits, it's time to do it. Within natural medicine these two components are undoubtedly the best known and used. Aloe vera is a shrub, a plant with fleshy leaves full of benefits. Ginger, on the other hand, is only a root, but a thousand-year-old root capable of treating many of our most

Make your own homemade and natural anti-mosquito lotion

If you look at the ingredients of your anti-mosquito lotion you will see that they contain some components that could be harmful to health. The best option is to find a natural product without toxic components that repels these insects effectively . In this article we teach you how to prepare an anti-mosquito lotion in a homemade way and with natural ingredients such as Java citronella, blue eucalyptus or Egyptian geranium. Test it! Conventional anti-mosquitoes Your conventional anti-mosquito lotion contains some components that can be These substances

How to use onions to fight cough naturally

Onion is one of the natural ingredients that, due to its nutritional properties, can help us accelerate the recovery of coughs and other respiratory problems. Rich in antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories and antibiotic compounds, it is a vegetable that helps to fight effectively the viruses and bacteria that attack the respiratory tract. The most interesting thing is that, unlike some conventional products, it does not cause unwanted reactions and can be combined with several ingredients that improve immune health. This, in conjunction with its controls sore throat and reduces excessive production of phlegm.

The best 5 anti-inflammatory remedies to eliminate fluid from the knee

Inflammation and pain in the knees is a condition that can arise from diseases in the joint or bone, as well as trauma and premature wear. Sometimes, when the knee becomes inflamed and increases in temperature, a condition known as joint effusion occurs, whose main feature is the accumulation of synovial fluid. This fluid is present in most excessive production occupies more joint space and increases inflammation. This situation can become quite painful, especially when the necessary measures are not taken to combat it in a timely and effective manner.

Home remedies to take care of your ankles

The ankle is one of the most important joints in the body. It is subject to great pressures and efforts, which often cause injuries and, in those cases, professional assistance is required. However, there are also home remedies to take care of your ankles. Such home remedies apply only to minor problems. If there is a bone lesion, or a malformation, these must be attended by a specialist. If, however, it is only a tendinitis or small inflammations, home remedies to take care of your ankles may be enough.

Do you have a seductive personality type?

Having a seductive personality has great value . Being able to relate effectively and always be pleasant is very important in the society in which we currently live. Although, sometimes, people envy this type of personality, labeling those who own it with disrespectful terms, the truth is that it has many advantages. What is your great disadvantage? The disadvantage of the seductive personality is that you are either born with it or can not acquire it as a new personality. Lee: Childhood influences the development of personality We

6 remedies with horsetail that you will like to know

The horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is a plant belonging to the family Equisetaceae . It lacks fruits and flowers, and its size can reach up to 60 cm. It has been known since antiquity for its medicinal properties, since it contains salicylic acid, tannins, It is one of the most popular diuretic herbs, since its infusion is an effective solution against fluid retention and circulatory problems. Added to this, are attributed antifungal, antidiarrheal and healing effects that, in general, can help treat various diseases. Considering that many still do not

5 drinks with berries to fill you with antioxidants

Antioxidants can help keep your health stable even if you neglect a little, as they are responsible for protecting your body from the effects of free radicals. This is very important because free radicals can damage cells and increase the risk of some very serious diseases such as heart problems, lung or breast cancer and many others. For this reason it is important that your body is full of antioxidants. Today we want to leave you some drinks prepared with fruits of the forest that will fill you with antioxidants .