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Pollen allergy: its causes and the best natural remedies

If we suffer from congestion, tearing and eye discomfort such as redness frequently, especially during seasonal changes, we may have allergies to pollen. This disorder is not serious but it is very annoying for those who suffer from it recurrently. Discover in this article what are the causes of pollen allergy. We share some natural remedies, simple and effective, to put an end to this problem. Pollen allergy Pollen allergy is also called allergic rhinitis or hay fever. Those who suffer from it have an exaggerated response of the

Delicious Galician octopus, homemade recipe

With the preparations that come from fish and seafood, you have to take special consideration. And they are so healthy and excellent for the body, as well as tasty, that it is simply impossible to ignore the importance they have for the diet. Today, you will learn the Galician octopus recipe . You know you have to pay close attention to the details, not only about the Galician octopus recipe (which is relevant) but also the advice and nutritional information you get with this type of ingredients. In this sense, what makes this

Are teas to lose weight effective?

There are teas and infusions to lose weight that help the body to eliminate fluids, toxins and fiber. Therefore, they can be good solutions to make it easier for our body to eliminate fats and reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Even so, it is important to note that these medicinal herbs are not miraculous remedies and do not act on their own. Therefore, in order to achieve results, it will be essential to include them within a healthy and balanced diet . In this way, we can find beneficial

Breaded eggplants, discover how to make them

There are many ways to prepare eggplants, and that is that they give an exquisite spicy touch to the rest of the food. If you are a fan of them, we recommend that you make this recipe for breaded eggplants, as they will flavor your dishes. Now, eggplant is a fruit that has been used in most kitchens in the world , in addition to being appreciated in many cultures. There are typical dishes based on this vegetable, since it can be cooked roasted, sautéed, fried or baked. It contains multiple flavonoids

Discover the incredible benefits of apricot

The apricot is a fruit that stands out, above all, for its high content of antioxidants. For this reason, it is considered a fruit to maintain beauty and youth, as well as to fill us with vitality in a few bites. Discover in this article all the properties of this fruit, as well as some applications and curiosities. We also share the different ways we have to consume it: natural, in compote, in jam or dehydrated. The apricot The apricot or damask (Prunus armeniaca) is a fruit native to China

7 topical natural remedies to relieve the carpal tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disorder that affects the median nerve of the wrist and compromises the sensitivity and movement of the entire hand. When we have inflammation in this area, the nerve suffers the consequences and presents symptoms such as pain, difficulty of movement, weakness or tingling. In this article we share some remedies to reduce inflammation and relieve the carpal tunnel. With natural ingredients such as arnica, turmeric or clay we can improve this syndrome without having to take medication. 7 remedies for the carpal tunnel 1. Arnica

How to prepare a boldo infusion to protect the liver

The boldo infusion is a well-known popular remedy for the treatment and prevention of liver problems. The bitter medicinal plants, in general, favor a good liver function. In this way, we improve the elimination of toxins, the cleaning of the blood, the digestion and the health in general. Discover in this article how to prepare a boldo infusion to protect the liver, as well as all its health benefits. It is essential to take care of this vital organ to keep us healthy and with a good quality of life. Discover why!

Indulge yourself with these delicious baked sausage croquettes

Croquettes can be made from almost any ingredient. You just have to check the pantry or explore the supermarket and let your imagination fly. On this occasion, we will see a recipe for baked sausage croquettes. The sausages are a sausage that all kinds of diners like. Currently they are made with lean meats, such as chicken or turkey, instead of the traditional pork. With these presentations, those who seek to eat a healthy diet no longer have to deprive themselves of consuming delicious sausages. As for the ingredients of

Eliminates dark circles in a natural and effective way

The formation of dark circles causes an alteration of the coloration of the skin, either by excess or by defect. Thus, there may be hyperpigmentation or excessive translucency under the lower eyelids. Many of the cosmetic products that we buy for it, in reality, do not solve the problem. For this reason, below we show you some tricks to eliminate dark circles in a natural and effective way. 9 tips to eliminate dark circles in a natural and effective way 1. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun Dark

The magic of mandalas to relieve stress

In recent years, mandalas are becoming very important as they help to respond to the need of the western world to reconnect with its own essence and that which is authentic. And while it is an artistic expression full of colors and shapes, they are also a very beneficial activity. For this reason, there are many people who draw or print them to paint them and wrap themselves in their ancestral charm. The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means 'sacred circle'. Therefore, it is a representation of the circle of life for