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Prohibited foods with stomach ulcer

Stomach ulcer is a lesion that affects the lining of the stomach and is characterized by pain in the upper abdomen. Many indicate that they feel a kind of burning or "fire" in the pit of the stomach about 2 hours after eating or during the night. If you have this problem you should take a balanced diet and avoid certain foods. Find out more in this article. How to reduce the symptoms of stomach ulcer When we have a sore or irritation in the lining of the

Accept instead of wait, you will have fewer disappointments

How many disappointments have you suffered? You have waited for what you considered logical to receive from friends, family and acquaintances. However, nothing has been so and as you supposed. You have had illusions and that has ended in a great disappointment. Discover: There are disappointments that make you open your eyes and close your heart We do not know why, but always our first relationships run with this error. We assume certain actions by others that, in the end, do not usually occur. One disappointment after

4 signs that indicate the perforation of the intestine

If you have a This is a very serious health condition that, if left untreated, can be fatal. The intestine is perforated when a rupture or hole appears in its walls . When this happens, the contents of the intestine are emptied into the abdominal cavity and cause a general sepsis. A sepsis can lead to blood poisoning and inflammation of the abdomen. This condition is extremely serious and must be treated immediately because, otherwise, it could end in death. Those who are more susceptible to bowel

4 exercises to not lose mental clarity in old age

Preserving the good state of health of our mind and the clarity of it when it comes to elaborating our With these four exercises you will achieve not lose mental clarity in old age. 1. Colored text As you can see in this image, there is a series of words written with different colors. Start saying aloud the color in which each word is written. Do it until you reach the end of the image and repeat the same exercise in the opposite direction. In this way

7 reasons why you should not miss breakfast

Many people skip breakfast because of lack of time, because they do not feel appetite in the morning hours or, in more serious cases, because they consider that ignoring this dish can save calories to lose weight. The truth is that, far from giving any benefit, not having breakfast in a healthy way can have negative consequences on metabolism, memory and . This first meal of the day allows the body to recharge energy and, among other things, reduces anxiety and improves physical and mental performance In addition, its consumption minimizes

How to maintain your diet and exercise on vacation

For many holidays are synonymous with excesses in food and drink . If we add a total rest plan where we are just lying in the sun on the beach, it is easy to understand why when we return home we have several kilos of more. In this article we give you some tips so that you can maintain your diet and exercise on your summer rest days . Holidays, diet and exercise: do they go hand in hand? If you've spent all year practicing sports and eating healthy: why

6 tips to wake up with energy and good mood every morning

Do you usually get up tired or in a bad mood every morning? To improve our quality of life we ​​should wake up with energy and good humor, in order to face the day in a positive way. This attitude would help us to better face the daily challenges, to improve our personal relationships and to obtain better results in our work. In this article we give you 6 simple tips to rest better and wake up with positive energy and vitality every morning. 1. Dinner early and early

The causes of childhood insomnia

Sleeping is a physiological need , just like eating or drinking. But, what happens when our son does not want or can not sleep? Maybe we are talking about childhood insomnia. There are many reasons why, sometimes, we can not sleep. Sometimes it's stress, other worries, but what can affect a child? Discover: How can we sleep and rest better? Today we will talk about some of the causes that can cause childhood insomnia so we can solve them as soon as possible. Childhood insomnia and its

6 tips to follow if you want to get fit

Many people are trying to adopt habits to get fit and improve many aspects of their health and their body. While it is not a simple task, or that is achieved overnight, it can be achieved with a total change in The problem is that many are not patient to see the results and, although they have the initiative, they end up giving up before the difficulties that are presented. The certain thing is that, to reach our objective, it is fundamental to be disciplined in all the aspects and, mainly, to

Being an optimist reinforces your immune system

Happiness takes us away from the doctor. That could be the summary of how being an optimist reinforces the immune system . So is. Because, when we allow things to happen that do not affect us negatively, we get sick less and enjoy a healthier life. Find out more in this article. Optimism and defenses Those people who live with a smile on their Being happy does not mean leaving aside problems or not being interested in what happens to us, it is a philosophy of