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The 9 benefits of regular exercise

Physical exercise is any movement that involves the use of the Its main consequence is the burning of calories. Also, the regular practice of exercise has be effective in preventing chronic diseases . Rehabilitating the body after trauma, improving cardiovascular function and clearing the mind are just some of the benefits of regular exercise. Physical exercise can be done anywhere and in any way. The benefits of regular exercise usually relate more to the physical part . In fact, many of us only see it as an alternative

A blood test helps detect a cancer in its initial phase

Some interesting conclusions to help in its early stages . This will allow obtaining early diagnosis of tumors from a blood sample. Very soon the new tool developed by Spanish scientists to amplify DNA will be available for biomedicine laboratories around the world. These advances are very important to achieve early detection of cancer with a simple blood test . The study of the CSIC A team of scientists from CSIC has developed a solution of the first "kit" that allows to amplify these pieces of DNA

Food that your body will thank you to consume

There are foods that we love for their taste and others that we simply have to take because they bring great benefits to our health. And is that our food depend very important aspects for our health . According to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology , a woman's eating habits are fundamental. For example, very thin women with a BMI less than 19.8, or overweight, with a BMI greater than 26, as well as those with an incomplete diet, may suffer from diseases. In addition, this could also affect

Things we do wrong when we come back from the gym

Are you one of those who, just returned home after sports, lie on the couch for hours? Or maybe you usually open the fridge or cupboard and eat what you find? These are just two of the things we do wrong when we come back from the gym. Do you want to know the others? Then read this article. What to avoid when returning from the gym? There is a lot of talk about our attitudes or habits before and during exercise. But what happens when the routine

How to prepare strawberries and lemon water to detoxify your body

Methods to detoxify the body are becoming increasingly popular, even among those who maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although we want to avoid it, in one way or another, we are all exposed to a wide variety of toxins that, after accumulating in our body, cause difficulties in the functioning of their vital systems. These particles travel through the air, are present in many foods and, as if that were not enough, they are released with some of the Although our excretory organs work continuously to filter them out of the blood, they

Tips for short-sighted people who want to exercise

Swimming, running or going to an aerobics class can be very fun and interesting activities. However, the short-sighted think twice, as they do not know how to take care of their glasses or contact lenses, or how to make so that the lack of vision does not interfere with physical activity . In this article we will give you some tips to exercise if you have myopia. Myopia and sports: with glasses or contact lenses? This is a very common question in myopic patients who come to the consultation both

There are things that will never go out of style: nobility and good manners

In this changing, complex and dynamic world there are roots that continue to give us strength and encouragement. No matter how fast our society advances, there are dimensions that keep us afloat: nobility, sincerity, respect, good manners ... A remarkable fact that many of us often see on social networks is the lack of respect among users. Thanks to anonymity, it is common to put into practice disrespectful dynamics with which to harm other people or groups. The world of social networks is a complex scenario where the worst and

Do not straighten your teeth at home, always go to a professional

With a beautiful can also influence the quality of life we ​​have . Not all people are born with an ideal, perfect smile, but with time it can be achieved. The most basic level to straighten teeth is Although there are different home methods that we can see in forums and social networks, as well as offers of low cost clinics, the best solution is always to turn to professional services. Thus, it is best to go to a dental clinic with doctors who have the necessary training, qualifications

7 symptoms of not drinking enough water

Most people do not drink enough water and they know it . However, they do not usually give it enough importance, because they are unaware of the negative effects of dehydration on health. Discover in this article what are the 7 most common but unknown symptoms of not drinking enough water throughout the day. Did you know that it may be the cause of your skin problems, back pain or excess appetite? Do you drink enough water? The amount of glasses of water that we must drink throughout the

How to eliminate flaccidity in the arms

The "salt effect" on the arms is not pretty at all. Flaccidity is a common problem that appears when aging because the skin loses its elastin but also when gaining weight. In this article we will tell you how to eliminate the "bat wings" with exercises. Routine to reduce flaccidity in the arms When the connective tissues no longer hold together we begin to suffer what everyone knows as " This problem can be synonymous with having completed several years or have gained a few kilos. However,