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Grandparents do not die, they still live in our hearts

They are an important part of any child’s life, although not all of us have the privilege of keeping them until our mature age. In spite of everything, the grandparents continue to live in our hearts for all the lessons, affection and memories that they gave us in life.

Take a few seconds to close your eyes and remember your grandparents. For example, the times that the grandmother cooked one of her many delicious dishes; Hugs and kisses when you got sick or when you dried your tears from an accident or reprimand from your parents.

Bring back the walks with the grandfather when he took you to ride a bike in the park; the moment he showed you how to raise a kite; when I lifted you up high in your arms or spoiled you by buying an ice cream.

Feel how magical it was to see them arrive at your house, or when leaving school, run to them and embrace them with pride . You see it? Grandparents are still living in our hearts whether they are with us or have left. But why do we love them so much?

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The unconditional love of the grandparents

The unconditional love that characterizes the relationship with grandchildren is unique and irreplaceable . For example, remember when you held them by the hand and felt that nothing could happen to you. You felt happy, safe and protected by the warmth of your being.

Grandparents do not die, they still live in our hearts

And that is just the effect of grandparents on grandchildren. They allow them to extend their horizons, their vision of the world and time through a tender voice. The same that allows them to learn that there are different types of love and people that can be part of their life.

Grandparents, more than aged people or figures in photographs, represent much more. They symbolize an important link in the family from which tradition, culture and fraternal ties are formed.

They are the root of what we know as family. Actually, we are also a bit of them because the grandparents are still living in our hearts.

Grandparents: love dress diversity

It’s true, not all grandparents are the same. Life has taught each of them differently; sometimes with love, sometimes with sacrifice, pain or lack and those circumstances have been factors to form their character .

That’s why there are formal grandparents, fun, guardians who make mom or dad, even distant grandparents. However, regardless of family dynamics or character, grandparents are a wealth of experiences. It was known that we could count on them in good or bad times because they were an emotional support, a source of affection and consolation.

Even so much is their love that they have learned to use electronic devices and new technologies. His

Grandparents are an anchor in the storm

Grandparents do not die, they still live in our hearts

Grandparents also function as protectors of the family and a kind of chroniclers. Their memorable stories and the details about the birth of our own parents had us enraptured.

In fact, they made us imagine that our

In addition to love and stories, grandparents transmit knowledge and moral values. Through their memories, they taught us the importance of honesty, compassion, discipline or responsibility in every aspect of life.

They are a guide that translates the present through their experience , their successes and mistakes. That’s why grandparents are still living in our hearts.

A source of wisdom

They also taught us by their example that decisions have consequences ; that, although sometimes it is not possible to be friends of the whole world, respect is fundamental to have good relations, because we all need everyone at some time.

Grandparents do not die, they still live in our hearts

Grandparents have a great source of wisdom and strength for all the situations they have lived and faced. They are definitely people who further strengthen young families; They offer us a piece of their vast experience for no other purpose than to see us happy.

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How grandparents still live in our hearts

As you have seen, grandparents have a very important role within the family: they provide unconditional love, they pamper, they are excellent playmates, incredible storytellers and historians . They are also teachers, caregivers, moms and dads for a while, as well as a wonderful source of understanding.

The departure of a grandfather or grandmother is never and will be easy. That is why it is essential to keep in touch with them and take advantage of as much time as possible so that the memories and teachings they transmit to us are deeply engraved in our memory .

In this way we can also say that the grandparents are still living in our hearts. Tell us, how was the relationship with your grandparents?

Grandparents do not die, they still live in our hearts