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Ring for the penis: how to use it correctly?

Increasingly, couples dare to experiment in the world of sex. Either to relive the passion in bed or to be part of the group of the audacious, they resort to sex toys. The ring for the penis is one of the chosen ones that more surprises brought . At the beginning of the boom in sexual accessories, the belief was that only women used them. However, the reality is clear and there are many products for men. Do you know what the penis ring is? It is an element

The condom is still the best option to prevent the disease against AIDS

Much progress has been made in the study of HIV and it is believed that the development of a vaccine could be close, but at this time, prevention, avoiding contagion and following the "traditional recommendations" is still the best strategy to stop the advance of the illness. Advances in the fight against AIDS As in other diseases every so often, news about a possible vaccine that would cure them emerges. In the case of HIV, the latest news has been that of a girl born in Mississippi in 2010 with the human immunodeficiency

Three signs that you are a nympho person

Nowadays, there seems to be a tendency to classify all behaviors that deviate slightly from the norm as mental disorders. This can also be observed in the field of sex, especially in the United States, where anyone with a higher than normal sexual desire is considered a nympho person. And yet, despite the fact that most people diagnosed with sex addiction do not suffer from any real problem, there is a small part of the population that could really be considered as a nympho person . In this article we will learn several keys

6 causes of irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation is considered when the menstrual cycle occurs before 21 days or after 35 . Likewise, those with intervals of several months also fall into this category. That is, all the cycles are irregular out of the natural average close to 28 days. These alterations can be recurrent or present at some specific moment in a woman's life. In all cases, gynecological control must be performed to determine the causes. Treatments adapted to each organism achieve quick solutions and allow a more precise care. 6 causes of irregular menstruation

Yarsagumba, natural aphrodisiac of Himalayas

The yarsagumba is a natural aphrodisiac of Himalayas, used in the East since hundreds of years ago. However, his world-wide fame occurred in the decade of the 90 revaluing the product. They even call it the "Himalayan gold" because of its economic relevance for the country. The Yarsagumba has its greatest popularity because it is a natural product for a better sexual performance . It also has other possibilities of use, beyond that are not scientifically validated. What is the Yarsagumba? It is nothing more than a fungus that

Frexting: do you know what it is?

Frexting is one of the last concepts that won an important place in female interactions . As technologies advance, new communication styles emerge. Every day, more segmented categories of message exchange of all kinds emerge. Generally, images top the list in most conversations. A combination of friendship with sensuality is the trend among heterosexual women. Frexting consists of sending special photographs to friends, in order to receive a pleasant opinion in exchange . Currently, if a husband checks his wife's cell phone, he will most likely find an image of

4 tips for penis health

The male genitalia are a part of the body as important as any other. However, it is seldom given the attention it deserves. Do you dedicate enough time and care to the muscle that allows you to enjoy more pleasure? We present 4 important tips for penis health. Although you have not considered it until now and do not always talk openly about it, your Do not take it as something that you should check once a year, consider that these tips should be part of your day to day so

What can we consider an infidelity?

Infidelity is a concept whose scope depends on the couple itself. Certain behaviors may be considered more or less there are those who fall into behaviors that can be considered an infidelity even without knowing it . If the conditions of the couple contract are not clear, there are likely to be problems. The truth is that infidelity is a hoax that hurts and breaks trust. The way in which this betrayal occurs is that which has no universally established limits. In most cases, the couple and even those who are

How to control an erection?

The penis is a bit rebellious at times and gives the feeling that they make decisions on their own. Controlling an erection is something that many men can do and many others, not always. The truth is that they tend to occur at the most inopportune times and disguise is difficult. It even gets to put in a bind that not all draw in the best way. Some hide it with elegance, but others are imprisoned by shame and discomfort. Control an erection is possible with some techniques There

Can you make love with urinary infection?

You can have sex with a urinary infection, but there will be pain and discomfort. If you have ever had burning during urination, difficulty in containing the pee, wanting to go to the bathroom even with an empty bladder, a feeling of heaviness in your stomach or you have seen blood in your urine, you probably have had an episode of cystitis , the name by which the urinary infection is known. The woman is much more prone to urinary tract infections because her urethra is shorter than that of men and bacteria have