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3 best exercises to enhance creativity

There are many exercises to enhance creativity. However, the question that always arises is , but which are the most effective? For this reason, today we have collected 3 exercises that we consider worthy to be included in this article. Let's discover them! Exercises to enhance creativity We will describe each of the 3 exercises to enhance creativity and we will provide clear examples so we can check how they work, how we should proceed with each of them and what benefits they can bring. Do not

How to feel proud of yourself: tips and habits

Although we live in a world of so much information and sources to educate ourselves about emotional health, there are other social elements such as stress, habits that cause anxiety and negative environments, which cause depression in many people. For our emotional well-being, it is important to feel comfortable with who we are and to have some ideas to feel proud of oneself, without shyness, without nervousness and without anxiety . In a world of instant communication and extensive contact with other people, it is common that we receive messages, both direct and indirect, in

Focusing to heal emotions

Focusing is a practice of body focus in which one must become aware of the connection between body and mind . In order to achieve a healthy emotional state, in this process the person must focus on finding the sensations he feels. It is about thinking about what worries us, how to deal with it and thus be able to evolve . Why use the focusing? Every day we accumulate sensations and emotions of all kinds, and some are not always positive. Precisely by means of this technique known

5 great yoga tips for anxiety

Anxiety is a transient mood of tension where the individual feels fear and a desire to resolve a given situation. Anxiety can generate stress or morbid suffering. To avoid this we will give you 5 great yoga tips for anxiety. The individual is surrounded by an environment and must deal with situations that arise in life. The family, work, friends and the couple are the emotional pillars of the person. During the course of life, it seeks to strengthen the self to achieve balance in each pillar . Anxiety begins

How to strengthen memory with a few simple tips

The loss of the ability to remember things is a nuisance that can alter daily life as the years go by. However, if this type of problem exists, steps can be taken to recover this loss; for this you must take a proper diet, sleep the necessary hours, and exercise physical and mental among others . GENERAL TIPS FOR HAVING A GOOD MEMORY PHYSICAL EXERCISE Perform physical exercise regularly, to have a fit mind . Exercise moderately, such as walking; This is especially beneficial especially in older adults,

Yoga nidra, as restorative as the dream

Yoga is the art of balancing the earthly with the spiritual. There are many currents of this discipline but there is one that will help you relax and change your perspective of life: Yoga nidra, as restorative as sleep. This type of yoga acts on all planes of the human being and offers the possibility of working with those components that most interest at a certain moment. Meditation seeks to take the individual to a spiritual plane and remove negative or worrying thoughts from the mind. Yoga nidra is a guided relaxation

What are the 4 things that should matter most to us in life?

The things that should matter most to us in life often go unnoticed by people. Therefore, it is necessary that values ​​frequently those aspects that intervene in your happiness and personal well-being. Even though we all have different needs and priorities, we very often find that, without some things, life would be incomplete for everyone. Whether it's a life-changing accident or an event that causes you irreparable damage, you often only realize what you've had once you've lost it . 4 things that should matter most to us in life

5 tips to improve self-esteem

Although many times we do not take it into account, self-esteem is one of the factors that most influence our success at work, social and family , that is why it is necessary to recognize ourselves internally and externally, achieving recognition of our skills and qualities, likewise, what are our weak points, thus being able to express what we really are and correct what we can perceive as weakness? All people have our good and bad things, remember that the important thing here is that you recognize yourself as you are and as you are, and

Are you a highly sensitive person (PAS)?

Highly Sensitive People (PAS) account for 20% of the population. You may even be one of them and you have never stopped to weigh it, even though you have spent all your life enjoying and suffering its effects. Highly sensitive people live the world in a much more complex way than people who do not belong to this group; thus, it is worthwhile to stop for a moment to know its peculiarities. The personality of highly sensitive people (PAS) There are many existing groups that give support to the

Why yoga helps me overcome depression?

Depression is a reality. It is not a fad or a passing sadness: it is a mental illness that affects approximately 300 million people in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression could "hinder the ability to cope with life" and even lead to suicidal ideas. The important thing is that it can be healed. There are many ways to prevent or overcome depression. Accompanying psychotherapeutic help with the practice of yoga is a fantastic option . Would you like to try it? Then keep reading.