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Five nutritious breakfasts made with fruits

They provide energy and nutrients. These five nutritious breakfasts based on fruit help to face with better disposition the day that begins. They are also the best option to end the nighttime fast. An empty digestive system will appreciate a nutritious fruit breakfast. It will digest easily and quickly, which will increase the contribution of healthy sugar that will provide energy to the body. A healthy contribution of nutrients Fruits contain water, vitamins and minerals. In addition to hydrating the body, they will help eliminate accumulated toxins .

Homemade and easy recipe for preparing almond milk

Preparing almond milk is much simpler than you think. So it's worth putting on it, because even our pocket will thank us. For this reason, we share a homemade recipe that will be very useful. Almond milk, apart from being delicious, is highly nutritious . In recent years, the sale of this product has blunted since many have proven their nutritional value. Its creamy texture and slightly sweet taste is what makes it easily become the favorite of people who have chosen to reduce or eliminate their consumption of animal milk.

3 homemade pumpkin cream recipes

Pumpkins are not only used to eat and decorate in October because of Halloween. These three homemade pumpkin cream recipes provide a large amount of nutrients, essential for the proper functioning of the body. This beneficial vegetable is rich in fiber and low in calories. It provides satiety and the high water content helps hydration. Therefore, it promotes weight loss. Reduces blood glucose levels and increases the amount of insulin. Lutein and zeaxanthin, two potent antioxidants, prevent cataracts. It also fights viruses and infections, including those caused by bacteria

The multiple benefits of turmeric

Turmeric is a very used spice in Asian culture , and is also one of the ingredients of curry, but in addition to flavor and color to the dishes has important antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antidepressant benefits. We explain all its benefits and how you can include it daily in your diet, such as making delicious and original recipes that everyone will like: a coconut and turmeric custard, an energy shake or a Hindu drink. Turmeric ( Curcuma longa ) is a species of the same family as ginger. The part used for

Delicious salad of green apple and celery

Summer and good weather is the ideal time for salads, when they are most consumed for their light and refreshing touch. However, oh that remember the need to also take these elaborations throughout the year. An alternative to get out of the ordinary and vary the flavors, is to try these recipes of salads of green apple and celery, which are really delicious. The acidity of the green apple combines perfectly with the celery , giving the salad an original flavor. In addition, both apple and celery are the perfect companions for

Recipes of ripe, easy and delicious banana croquettes

Banana is a very common ingredient in the cuisine of Latin America and, without a doubt, it has also managed to conquer the palates of other regions of the planet. It is a very versatile, cheap and nutritious food with which a wide variety of recipes can be prepared. One of them is ripe banana croquettes, a different, easy and delicious option to prepare at home. Benefits of consuming ripe banana The ripe banana has many benefits for our health; It has a large amount of vitamins, such as: A, C,

Healing benefits of chicken broth

First of all, a broth of chicken bones is highly recommended to accelerate the healing and recovery of diseases. On many occasions we have heard that there is nothing more efficient to cure the Why it will be beneficial; What does it have to do with a cold? Well, this is linked thanks to a natural amino acid called cysteine, which can fluidify the mucus in the lungs, making it much easier to expel. We must bear in mind that chicken broth is more efficient homemade than in canned or processed

Recipes to replace dairy

If you are lactose intolerant or have a , you will probably want to know how you can replace How to replace dairy Pay attention to the following substitutes for dairy products, if you do not consume them for various reasons: Milk You can make any type of vegetable milk using rice, oats, almonds , soybeans, grated coconut, millet or the cereal that you can think of. They are easy to prepare or in some cases you can buy them made in the market. If you want

How to make healthy ice cream

Who does not like ice cream during the summer? There are those who do not stop enjoying it even if it is cold. In the following article you will learn different recipes for making healthier ice cream, at home and with few ingredients. Thus, you can have them ready for when you want without having to go out and buy. Fruit ice creams vs cream ice creams It is not necessary to be on a diet to want to enjoy a fruit ice cream or "water" as you can know in

Delicious recipe for banana cake

Next, we propose a delicious recipe for banana cake so you can benefit from the flavor and nutritional qualities of this fruit. We also offer a couple of reduced-calorie variants : one common and one suitable for both vegans and coeliacs. This delicious dessert brings a good amount of energy and fibers. In addition to the vitamins and minerals of the banana. Go ahead and prepare these recipes! Give yourself a sweet taste without guilt. Recipe of banana and oat cake This dish is ideal for when