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Herbal remedies for arteriosclerosis

Arteriosclerosis is a disease that consists of the hardening of medium and large caliber arteries. Therefore, this disease mainly causes the arteries to become narrower, causing even the occlusion of the vessel and making blood circulation impossible . Although there are different treatments, here are some herbal remedies for arteriosclerosis, also known as phytotherapy.

Before this, we must mention some risk factors that can trigger arteriosclerosis. Among them are hypertension and high levels of cholesterol in the blood. Likewise, smoking also has a direct impact on the development of this disease.

How can phytotherapy help cure arteriosclerosis?

Broadly speaking, phytotherapy consists of the use of certain plants to remedy or alleviate any condition, in this case arteriosclerosis. In this case , plants that improve ; diuretic plants, which increase the expulsion of fluids from the body, thus favoring the elimination of toxins and vasotonic plants, which protect the blood vessels by providing greater flexibility.

However, it is very important that before using any of these plants or natural products consult a doctor to rule out possible conditions or side effects. In addition, it is important to highlight also that this treatment may not be effective in all cases, so it is necessary to determine if the herbal medicine is the most appropriate or if it should be used as a supplement.


Garlic is a natural product of great help to combat has anticoagulant properties that allow a better blood circulation , preventing precisely the formation of clots that can clog the vessels.

Herbal remedies for arteriosclerosis
Garlic contains among its ingredients two main products that are responsible for acting in favor of health, it is allicin and diallyl sulphide.


Onion is another plant of great help in the fight against arteriosclerosis. In this case, this plant has high levels of quercetin, an element that helps to make lighter or thin the blood , thus preventing the formation of thrombi or blockages of blood vessels.


For its part, the apple has large amounts of pectin, quercetin and vitamin C, among other things, all these elements help reduce cholesterol levels, prevent and fluidize the blood ; that is, they help the latter circulate freely through the blood vessels.

Herbal remedies for arteriosclerosis
The apple is hypotensive, which makes it a good ally to lower blood pressure in cases of hypertension.


The artichoke has certain properties that help especially to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, as well as to lower blood pressure. In fact, the acids of this plant help to avoid or recover from a cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks, angina or tachycardia.


This popular plant also has components that help remediate arteriosclerosis. This plant has mainly diuretic effects, so it helps eliminate fluids and toxins through urine. It also reduces and fortifies the liver. It can be consumed through an infusion .


Flaxseed helps reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, in addition to preventing the formation of clots in the blood. In addition, flaxseed is also beneficial for people suffering from diabetes or obesity because it has a high level of mucilage.

Herbal remedies for arteriosclerosis


This plant contains important levels of mucilage and omega 3, so it lowers cholesterol and it is useful to fight diabetes and obesity. It regulates the absorption of carbohydrates and causes a feeling of fullness.


The laurel is another beneficial plant for the organism. In this case it contains oleic, linoleic and lauric acids that fundamentally help the good functioning of the blood vessels, allowing a free circulation of the blood .


For its part, nettle is an important diuretic product that helps from the body through urine. It also contains folic acid and trace elements that, among other things, help the general welfare of the body .


Herbal remedies for arteriosclerosis

This plant is one of the most beneficial to the body. In the case of arteriosclerosis, the lemon keeps the arteries clean and elastic, avoiding hypertension. This is due to its high content of vitamin C and its flavonoids. In this way, it helps keep the good cholesterol alive, decreasing the bad cholesterol.

Herbal remedies for arteriosclerosis