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Herbal remedies for the wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth are a real nightmare for you and your the worst is that in the process of leaving are extremely painful, and this pain will not be removed until they take them out, the pain is not exactly like a tooth with decay, but sometimes comes and can even manifest in different ways, for example with a headache or pain in one side of the face.

For all these discomforts in which the extraction arrives there is no other recommendation to take painkillers, which can bring side effects or there are many people who have secondary reactions to analgesics , for this and to avoid the pain of the molars it is best to take some herbal remedies:


The healing powers of thyme are almost miraculous, all you have to do is make a kind of mouthwash or add it to the mouthwash , you can also do it in infusion, the important thing is to keep it in your mouth for about 2 minutes and the pain will go away immediately.


The not only analgesic but antibacterial which makes it perfect not only for before extraction but after extraction to remove the pain and prevent infections after extraction, especially if it was a surgery and You have a slightly larger wound. Clove oil is actually excellent for the mouth in general , it is extremely useful for bad breath and also for gum problems. The best way to apply it is by putting it in cotton and putting it directly in the pain area, you can leave the cotton for a while and replace it as many times as you want, the taste is a bit strong, but it’s worth it.

Herbal remedies for the wisdom tooth


Although is excellent for the pain caused by the wisdom teeth coming out , since many times this pain is caused by the inflammation of the nerves, the sedative power helps to relax the Nerves and pain go away. It is excellent for the most extreme cases of pain, such as when the head hurts or even one side of the face is numb or in pain, it is an excellent relaxing and you can sleep perfectly before your extraction . Even if it makes you nervous to go to the dentist with an infusion of valerian before your consultation and you will not have the slightest problem.

Herbal remedies for the wisdom tooth