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Holidays take away viral diseases

No one can deny that traveling or leaving home for a few days is really fantastic .

Even if it’s just a few kilometers and only one weekend, we return renewed and with the batteries charged .

In this article we tell you why vacations keep viral diseases away.

Holidays keep diseases (and the doctor) well away

Holidays take away viral diseases

When was the last time you took a break from the office, the traffic, the rush hour and the agenda? Going on vacation is not a “luxury”, but a necessity .

Even if it’s just a weekend getaway or a day in the field, you’ll get many benefits, ranging from reducing

Being on vacation stimulates our well-being, clears the mind and allows us to make important decisions. It also increases the energy we have consumed throughout the year.

We desperately crave for these days of rest when the brain is “burned” and the body takes its toll.

Leave everything for a few days and disconnect from everything (and everyone), dedicate moments to ourselves and our loved ones, relax and enjoy is the best treatment against any disease or problem.

The people who usually catch any

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Stress, lack of sleep and the amount of daily problems do not allow the body to deal with pathogens. For this reason, the flu, the cold and nasal congestion are so recurrent.

When we go on vacation, the body sleeps more, is calmer and almost does not care about anything.

Therefore the immune system is reinforced and we say “goodbye” to many diseases.

And that’s not all. Have a few days off and get away from the routine too:

  • Regulates blood pressure levels.
  • Improves the quality of sleep.
  • Reduces stress and muscle contractures (unless the hotel’s pillow is very different from ours).

Among the health problems that the holidays can bring – since not everything is “color of roses” – we can highlight:

All this is because in those days we pay no attention to what or how much we eat, and we go to bed at any time.

What are the benefits of going on vacation

Holidays take away viral diseases

In addition to the advantages for our health, there are many more positive consequences of getting out of the routine.

The vacation does not have to be a month long and thousands of kilometers from home (although it would be perfect).

With several trips throughout the year it might be enough to change the air , rest and enjoy a different environment.

By having a few days off our mood improves noticeably. Other benefits related to vacations are:

Prolong life

If we put aside stress, cholesterol and hypertension we can live longer. Just everything that reduces the days of rest!

Therefore, if you want to reach 90 years old, you only have to organize more trips every few months.

Empower the energy

Holidays take away viral diseases

Chronic fatigue is a very common problem today and is due to lack of

When we go on a trip we recharge the batteries and we feel more vital .

Increase creativity

Do you have trouble thinking about something innovative, making brilliant decisions or improving your work performance? Maybe you are missing a vacation.

That’s right, because leaving the routine refreshes the mind and allows to have more interesting ideas. They are also necessary if we must make an important decision.

These benefits are maintained until one month after returning home. Therefore it is advisable to take shorter breaks, but less spaced.

This means not waiting for fifteen or twenty days of vacation to travel, but planning a weekend getaway (and taking advantage of holidays).

So the change is not so abrupt and we do not get sick or stressed more than usual.

As if that were not enough, we will avoid the that generates depression.

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Beach or mountain? Summer or winter?

Holidays take away viral diseases

The main objective of holidays should be to improve our well-being. Based on this, we must choose the destination very carefully .

For example, if you suffer from hypertension, we recommend that you travel to destinations with a beach (or at sea level) and, on the other hand, if you have , you decide for a place on the mountain.

In the case of people with very white or sensitive skin, destinations that include outdoor and sun activities for several hours are not recommended.

Perhaps in that case it could be good to travel in winter or to walk early in the morning or at sunset.

Mountain destinations or mountain ranges are ideal for those who suffer from allergic rhinitis, since there is less pollution and almost no presence of mites.

People allergic to insect bites should avoid places with jungle, swamps or forest and always carry the proper medication.

The heat and the long trips in airplane are intimate enemies of the varicose veins because they make difficult the

Holidays take away viral diseases