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Home remedies for boils

A boil is a problem of the skin that takes place when a hair follicle is infected , these injuries are not serious, but they are quite painful, since they present with a strong irritation around the affected part.

These injuries are very common and can occur in any part of the body , but the sites most affected by these painful pimples are the armpits, the buttocks, the shoulders, the groin and the crotch.

Why are boils formed?

These lesions appear as insignificant red dots, with some degree of pain. However, as the hours pass, the pain can intensify in an important way and the pimple acquires a large size, due to inflammation.

Home remedies for boils

Boils are the product of a bacterial infection (especially Staphylococcus aureus ) , although this is not the only cause for a furuncle to form, since it can be formed for other reasons, for example:

  • Blood poisoning
  • Diabetes
  • Poor hygiene.
  • Bad nutrition.

Natural remedies to treat boils

  • Place on the affected part a piece of the membrane that is in the egg shell.
  • Make a poultice with raw carrot, grated and mixed with a little wheat germ . Place directly on the boil and cover with a clean cloth.
  • Place compresses of hot water with the help of a clean cloth. This procedure must be performed at least three times a day; When the boil bursts, the treatment must be followed so that all the grain content can be eliminated.
  • Mix a spoonful of honey, one yeast of beer and one of wheat flour. It is stirred until it forms a soft cream that is applied directly on the affected part. Place a cloth and let it work throughout the night.
  • Does this problem occur frequently? If so, it is recommended to take the cooking of eighty grams of nettle in one liter of water, in three daily doses, to purify the body and clean the blood.

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Additional recommendations

The boil should not be squeezed!

A boil is a delicate lesion and you should not put pressure on it, because doing so can be dangerous, because bacteria can enter the bloodstream and invade other parts of the body (

The affected party must remain very clean

It is vital to keep the whole part around the boil very clean, so you can do it with a cloth or cotton and alcohol or tincture of iodine; It is necessary to clean this part and the surroundings three to four times a day. The bathroom should be in the shower, not in the bathtub, because this way you can spread the infection easily to other parts of the body or infect other people.

Home remedies for boils

When a furuncle is cleaned it is important to use suitable gloves , but even if gloves are used or not, it is necessary to wash your hands very well before preparing food, to avoid poisonings and infections.

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Warning signs to see a doctor

If you are treating a boil and the following symptoms appear, you should go immediately to a medical consultation, since it is a clear sign that the infection is spreading:

  • Around the boil you can notice a quite reddened area.
  • The lymph nodes near the boil present some degree of pain.
  • If a red line extends out of the area around the boil.

Having a boil is not a serious problem, but you have to take some special care so that this condition does not spread and becomes an infection that requires other more specialized procedures.

Home remedies for boils