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Home remedies with lemon

The lemon … exciting flavor with incredible therapeutic powers, a fruit admired since antiquity thanks to its many properties and that acidic and refreshing taste that accompanies endless meals. Already in the seventeenth century English sailors loaded their boats with lemons to prevent

It is an excellent cleanser of our body, eliminates toxins and purifies us, it is undoubtedly one of our best allies for health , a friend that we should always have at our table and that tree that we should all be able to plant in our garden -or on our balcony. What do you think if today we give a little review of all those possibilities offered by lemon in a simple and economical way? Let’s go there.

Benefits of lemon consumption

Cardiovascular system

It is a great ally in situations or states of arteriosclerosis and arterial hypertension, it helps us to eliminate fats thus releasing any obstacle for the correct circulation of the blood, dissolving the toxins of our organism and the blood plasma. Ideal without doubt start the day drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach.

Liver, intestine and gallbladder

It stimulates bile secretions and helps us metabolize fats better. It is a piece undoubtedly indispensable in all those sick people of the liver and the gall bladder , strengthening the purifying and protective function of the liver.

Fevers, colds and throat inflammations

Thanks to its vitamin C and its antiseptic properties it is perfect to resolve states of aphonia, tonsillitis and any ailment of the respiratory tract. Perfect for example if we drink a glass of warm water with honey.

Increase our defenses

Its nutritional conglomerate based on vitamins C, B, E and its multiple minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus make the lemon a great fruit to boost our immune system and increase our white blood cells.

Improves rheumatism

Thanks to its properties when it comes to resolving toxins, it is really ideal for states of rheumatism and even gout: it resolves the crystals and any impurity, alleviating the discomfort of the patient.

Home remedies with lemon

Home remedies with lemon

Remedy for diarrhea

It’s perfect when we have non-infectious diarrhea ; Just take the juice of 3 lemons diluted in liter and a half of water mixed with a little sugar and a pinch of salt. This is a simple oral serum with which you can keep yourself while the lemon is healing you with its astringent properties.

Remedy for hypertension

The daily consumption of lemon juice regulates our tension in a very adequate way . It is contrasted that starting the day with a simple juice of this fruit (a lemon squeezed in a glass of water), is perfect to purify our body and help regulate our circulation and tension.

Remedy for mouth and throat infections

Lemon has antibacterial properties , avoids battery colonies and increases our defenses. Do not forget to include the vitamin C of the lemon when you suffer any of these conditions.

Remedy to calm the nerves and sleep better

At night it is ideal to have an infusion with lemon flowers . Just put three of them in boiling water and let stand a few minutes.

Remedy to lose weight

It is usual to start the morning with a simple shake that will provide us with the necessary nutrients to start the day with energy and arrive in good condition until the meal : take a low-fat natural yogurt, a sheet of pineapple and a lemon juice, and take it to the blender. The smoothie you will get is simply delicious as well as satiating.

Remedy to relieve digestive problems

Take a cup of lemon-leaf tea after lunch and dinner. You will notice the relief.

Remedy for cough

Heat a little honey and add the juice of a lemon with half a glass of hot water. Go drinking little by little. Garlic cloves are also commonly used , in this case you would have to cut two of them in half and soak them for a few hours with the juice of a lemon; You may find the taste to be a bit strong, but eating these lemon-flavored garlic cloves is great for coughing.

Home remedies with lemon