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Homemade creams to straighten hair

With the intention of keeping us presentable day by day, we resort to many alternatives, in that case, if your economy allows you, you probably go to the beauty salon usually, because we know that a trimmed hair makes a good part of the good presence of a woman.

Either to look good in your work or for any activity you do you must bear in mind that using both heat in the hair and smoothing chemicals that exist today can be dangerous to your health.

Looking for a presentable hair and to have it fixed without having to go to so many dangerous products, as well as expensive, today we will talk about homemade creams that we can make in order to have a hair as aligned as possible and without the annoying frizz

Homemade creams to straighten hair

Keep reading so you can perform this process in the comfort of your home, without associated dangers and at a lower cost.

You must remember that although natural products will not harm your health, you must have patience and be consistent with them, also everything depends on the type of hair you have. Of course if it is very frizzy, these creams will help to make them more manageable, decreasing the frizz that often occurs due to excess moisture in the environment or a very damaged hair, without producing miracles.

Homemade creams

Coconut milk and lemon juice

Homemade creams to straighten hair

To make this homemade cream you must add the juice of a lemon in a glass of coconut milk, make sure to mix the ingredients well and then take them to the refrigerator. You should leave it in the refrigerator until you notice that a creamy layer has formed.

You must apply the mixture on your hair evenly and then let it act for about 20 minutes. An important fact is to cover your hair with a hat or towel, this will help to penetrate better the product.

Once the indicated time has elapsed, rinse your hair until the product is completely removed, then wash it as usual. If you are constant this treatment will give very good results.

Cream based on milk and honey

In a cup of milk add a few drops of honey. Mix correctly and apply evenly on your hair, leave on for 1 hour and a half or two hours. Then rinse and wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Olive oil

All natural oils are very beneficial when it comes to nourishing and restoring hair. In this case, we mentioned olive oil, although the well-known almond oil also has benefits. These oils will restore health to your hair, making it look and feel much better.

You must warm the oil, being very careful not to burn it, let alone burn it yourself. Apply the warm oil on your hair. Let it act for several minutes, you can wrap your hair with a thermal cap and if you do not have it you can replace it with a warm towel. After a while, rinse and wash your hair as usual.

Homemade creams to straighten hair

If you present oily hair it is preferable not to apply the product very close to the roots. And remember that these types of treatments require patience, they will not give miraculous results overnight. You can do it at least twice a week to notice your silky, shiny, manageable hair and therefore more aligned.

Chemical products offer quick results, but … Is it worth risking so much? It is important that you know that harmful substances enter your scalp and thus reach your bloodstream.

Therefore, evaluate the need to resort to so many products that may ultimately harm you. Choose better natural treatments, you can do them in the comfort of your home and without spending more.

Homemade creams to straighten hair