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How can you have indoor ponds

Although you may not believe it, you can have ponds inside your home. Of course, its size will depend on the space available. But at least one small one can be had.

In general, we associate the ponds with the

The small ponds are not only a decorative element, they also help to relax and clear the mind. And include plants, these are responsible for absorbing the radiation of electronic devices that surround us constantly.

Aspects to consider in order to have ponds

1. Choose the place well

How can you have indoor ponds

As we mentioned before, it is important to evaluate where the ponds will be located and how we will decorate them.

For example, if we are going to decorate them with natural plants, it is necessary that the pond is located in a place where the sun gives it , during, at least, 4 or 6 hours a day. Otherwise, aquatic plants and flowers will not thrive and you will only have rotten water,

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2. Evaluate the size of the ponds

Although you do not believe it, we assure you that the longer the pond, the easier it will be to maintain it. So do not skimp on the size.

As for the depth, you should take into account that, the most common is that it oscillates between 50 and 60 centimeters. This way you have enough space to place several stones, plants or even fish.

3. Test first with prefabricated ponds

How can you have indoor ponds

The prefabricated ponds can be purchased at any garden store. They are not the cheapest option, but their installation is simpler and can help you a lot when it comes to learning how to maintain them.

You can choose between canvas rafts (flexible but shorter) or cement rafts (which are more expensive but have greater durability).

How can you have indoor ponds

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4. Waterfall, Yes or no?

The ponds usually look much prettier with a waterfall but this is not a mandatory element. If it is the first time we have a pond, it is best not to include it until we have learned the maintenance well.

When cascades are included, the most important thing is to install a hydraulic pump that circulates the water over and over again. You must also have a device to recycle the water and prevent it from rotting.

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How to make your own indoor ponds


How can you have indoor ponds
  • Geotextile blanket (also called ).
  • Stapler.
  • Flexible plastic.
  • Stones
  • Staples
  • Scissors.
  • Sand.
  • Gravel.
  • Shovel.


  • Add sand to the base (use the hoe for it).
  • Distribute the material over the entire surface and ensure that the sand is as compact and flat as possible.
  • Spread decorative gravel over the step of the hole.
  • Measure and cut the geotextile mesh that you will use to place around the edge of the pond. Once you get it right, fix it with a stapler. The result must be uniform.
    • This mesh will prevent
  • Fill the hole with clean water, little by little, to prevent it from overflowing.
  • Around the pond, place slabs to delimit the space and prevent water from escaping from the upper edge.
  • Decorate your taste. Add as many

    To have indoor ponds you just need to be creative and take into account the aspects that we mention. You can create two small ponds nearby and join them with a decorative element, like a toy bridge.

    Indoor ponds are not just for landscapers and decorators. Of course, it is important to give them the proper maintenance to avoid bad odors, leaks and other discomforts. On the other hand, do not forget to enjoy your work every day, contemplate it and relax.

  • How can you have indoor ponds