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How long the protection of the sunscreen lasts

Choosing a sunscreen might seem like an easy task. However, there are several elements to take into account, among them, the sun protection factor (SPF). The higher it is, the more care it will give your skin. But how long can the protection of the sunscreen last?

Every day we expose ourselves to the sun and the radiations tend to be more and more intense and, therefore, more harmful. These lotions are as important as that anti-wrinkle mask or hydration in your hair.

The main component for the protection of sunscreen are the which prevent UV radiation from penetrating our skin deeply. There are two types: chemical (synthetic) and physical (mineral).

Most creams contain vitamins A, C and D, which help counteract the damage caused by sun exposure. Both formulas can be very effective and usually last 60 to 90 minutes, although this may be relative.

The . Here we offer some tips that will help you give your body the care it deserves and know the protection of sunscreen.

Prepare your skin

How long the protection of the sunscreen lasts

Apply the sunscreen on dry skin and free of impurities . If you have planned a trip to the beach, it is advisable to exfoliate in advance to achieve a better absorption.

You must prepare your skin and the protection of sunscreen is essential to take care of the skin . The use of sunscreen daily will help you prepare it from the sun’s rays.


Take your time

We know that when you get to the beach or the pool you want to take a dip, but be patient and place the product 30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun so that it penetrates your skin deeply. Caring for your skin and increasing the protection effect of .

Apply the sunscreen with time to get the expected results . The chemicals in the cream take time to penetrate the skin, so you must wait and you will have the protection you need.

Avoid the sun in the most aggressive hours

Take advantage of the first rays of the morning or the last of the afternoon to sunbathe and do not exceed 20 minutes. We know you are looking for the perfect tan, but taking care of your body is much more important.

The more you receive solar rays, the duration and protection of sunscreen will decrease. The effect of sunscreen on the skin will depend on the duration of exposure to sunlight.

Stay hydrated

Do not let the sunscreen do all the work. Remember to drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated, especially if you are in very high temperatures.

The water will help keep the skin healthy and strong. In summer it is necessary to constantly hydrate, being hydrated will help the skin to better absorb the sunscreen and have an optimal effect.

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Place abundant amounts

How long the protection of the sunscreen lasts

The more lotion you put on, the greater the protection of the sunscreen . It is not necessary for you to end up as a ghost, but you must apply abundant amounts evenly throughout your body. Pay special attention to the most sensitive areas such as neck, face, ears, etc.

As time passes, the may be more intense and protection tends to decrease. It is essential to use a little cream every two or three hours to keep the skin hydrated and protected . One application will not work miracles, so you should always apply sunscreen.

Be careful with water

Even if you are using a waterproof protector, reapply after swimming. Take into account that perspiring excessively can also diminish the duration effect of sun creams.

If you are in very hot areas, it is advisable to replace a layer with some frequency. Water can reduce the effects of sunscreen, so if you go to the beach you must apply it constantly to not lose its effectiveness .

Choose the right product

Remember that there are multiple presentations of sunscreen, these can be lotions, spray and gel. When choosing the product you should review certain elements such as the , and know your skin type.

In some cases the good absorption and reaction of the sun cream can also depend on whether your skin is normal, oily, mixed or dry. There are a variety of sunscreens, so choose the product calmly and evaluate the effects of the cream to care for your skin.

Keep them in cool places

As with any product, sudden changes in temperature could damage sunscreens. Keep them in cool, dry places, and discard them once they are over.

Avoid having the sunscreen in places with high temperatures, because it will lose its effect and will not take care of the skin. It is important to close the product well after using it: this will prevent it from evaporating and losing its properties.

The skin acts naturally as a barrier, as it protects us from external factors and injuries caused by sun exposure. Providing special care to your body can be the key to prevention .

How long the protection of the sunscreen lasts