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How many hours of television are harmful to health?

Is it possible to imagine daily life without some hours of television? For many lonely people, television is a company. It becomes a presence that replaces the movements and voices of the human company.

For other people, television is the mark that marks the end of the working day and the beginning of rest. Are those who after a long day away from home, come to the home, dress in comfortable clothes, are installed on the couch as saying “that nobody bothers me, these hours of television are mine.” Owners of the remote control, feel the privileged of the planet.

There are families who use television to keep children entertained . Many parents, mothers and even nannies opt for the easy way to “give” the child long hours of television to remain quiet and entertaining.

While technological renewal has made available to people varied devices that now occupy part of the time especially of the youngest, . It occupies a preferential place in the home and has become part of the equipment of large and small bedrooms.

How many hours of television are those suggested by health professionals?

How many hours of television are harmful to health?

Although it is impossible to give a general figure, both doctors and psychologists agree that the number of favorable hours will depend on the age and living conditions of each person.

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Television and small children

In general, it is stated that children under 2 should not watch television . And those over that age should not be exposed to more than two hours of television per day.

There are programs considered “educational” that allow the child to see facts and places that he would not otherwise know . But they also have their negative effects, especially when it is exaggerated in exposure times. Among them are:

  • Sleep pattern disorders . It is common for children to extend their stay times “watching TV” and delay those dedicated to sleep. This is a problem especially in homes where children have a television in their bedrooms. The overexcitation that some programs provoke, hinders rest and causes sleep disorders.
  • Too idealized view of the world that does not correspond to reality. Children’s programs generally present worlds where everything is more enjoyable and with fewer problems than in their own environment. Product of the comparisons arise frustrations and nonconformities that can lead to depressions.
  • Physical models of people who appear in the television world that cause low self-esteem and insecurity . The child tends to identify with the characters that people portray on television, usually people who respond to aesthetic stereotypes of the moment. Then, the mirror shows a completely different image and that can upset it.
  • Problems in school learning . Children live with television images in their heads and have a hard time focusing on homework.
  • Delays in language development . Limited vocabulary formed by words from the country of origin of the program. These concepts have nothing to do with those of their geographical place.
  • Violent behavior, especially in males who choose programs that have fights, fights and wars as their theme.

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Adults and television

How many hours of television are harmful to health?

What happens in adults who live many hours of television? Although it seems that the adult is no longer affected by excess television, in fact it does. Some of these impacts are:

  • Sleep disorders . As with children, watching television for many hours, especially before going to sleep, can be detrimental to rest.
  • Generates beliefs that empty value systems , passivity, lethargy of critical thinking, because everything is reduced to spectacle.
  • It makes people believe false needs, and this especially affects those who have limited economic resources , which leads to envy, dissatisfaction, frustration. All aspirations are reduced to buying and buying.
  • Reduce the times shared in family . Although they remain seated in front of the same device, the communication is almost null.

As happens in all areas of life, excessive television hours are harmful to people. It is necessary to regulate the exposure times and the programming that

How many hours of television are harmful to health?