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How much more does it perspire more?

It is believed that the more water is impregnated in the clothes after finishing training, the greater the kilos that become thinner. However, this is not so. The calories that burn go beyond perspiration because if not, those who do not sweat would not lose even one gram.

In this article we explain the answer to the question of how much more transpires is more thin?

Sweat, kilos and exercise

How much more does it perspire more?

Let’s analyze for a moment what happens in a gym or training room. When the class or routine ends there are some people who are soaked in sweat to the point that they must use a towel and change clothes to avoid getting sick. Others, on the other hand, are dry as if they had not moved a finger.

Will the former lose more weight than the latter? That is the popular belief, but not always what everyone thinks is true . In order to determine if greater perspiration burns more calories, we will analyze a little what happens in the body when exercising.

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To be able to cool off when the temperature rises too high, the body has a mechanism called sweat or perspiration. Basically excretes water by the sweat glands located in the skin and with this liquid reduces a few degrees.

The amount said glands is determined by genetics and not in all human beings function in the same way. Studies have revealed that the more sweat, the more sweat glands (the average is between 2 and 4 million throughout the body).

Women tend to have more than men, but men are more active, up to 50% more. The body composition is different: they have more water in the body and also the perspiration is more acidic. If we talk about hormonal differences, they are the ones who win the game.

Female athletes, for example, begin to sweat at a higher temperature and from deeper tissues. At the same load and heat men will perspire more. Women , on the other hand, have more mechanisms that help dissipate heat (especially circulatory).

How much more does it perspire more?

Therefore, in a gymnasium it is more likely to see men sweating and women with reddened skin (especially the face). This happens because the blood capillaries of the dermis are vasodilated. And also expel the heat to the surroundings.

The amount of perspiration can also be affected by:

  • The weather (hot and humid causes more sweat)
  • The intensity of the exercise
  • If the person drinks alcohol or coffee
  • If you smoke
  • What you have eaten (spicy foods and spices increase body temperature)
  • The weight or amount of accumulated fat

So, if I lose weight?

How much more does it perspire more?

It is proven that people who are overweight perspire more than thin ones . Excess body fat increases the basal temperature because it serves as a “coat”. In a situation of effort or movement, the body sweats to lose heat.

This means that sweating does not burn calories. Weight loss is more related to other factors such as muscle mass and fat accumulated in adipose tissue. It is true that when you sweat you lose weight, but those grams are made up of water and minerals eliminated through sweat. That is, no fat is lost by the glands.

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Everything we lose at the end of the exercise will be recovered at the precise moment we drink water or those drinks with mineral salts that are sold in the markets. But we should not stop hydrating before, during and after exercise.

It is important to note that sweating does not cause an increase in caloric expenditure, so if you perspired a lot in the exercise session you may lose weight less than the one that has not excreted a drop through their glands.

So, why is exercise thinning? The training or aerobic routine has the ability to make us lose weight, but not by the amount of perspiration that we throw while we exercise.

How much more does it perspire more?

To what is attributed then the loss of kilos? To the intensity of the sport that is being made . For example, running for 30 minutes helps burn 300 calories, regardless of the amount of sweat on the shirt.

Do not forget that sweating is the body’s way of keeping our body temperature stable. That is the function, and not that of helping us lose weight and that the swimsuit fits perfectly.

If it were so simple to lose weight in perspiration we would only have to sit in front of a stove, go to the sauna or lie in the sun at noon. Or get dressed in a wool jacket in the middle of summer. And that is not like that.

With what exercises can you lose fat?

We have already demystified the idea that perspiring is synonymous with weight loss. We have also said that to lose weight we need to choose high or moderate intensity exercises. Surely you want to know what they are! Pay attention:

  • Aerobic exercises
  • Brisk walking
  • Jogging
  • Ski
  • Swim
  • Riding a bicycle
  • Dance
  • Box
  • Practise martial arts

During the practice of these exercises the muscles obtain energy from the reserves of fat, therefore they help to reduce it. Along with a proper diet you can get the results you’re looking for … and remember that it does not matter how much you spend but how much you work.

How much more does it perspire more?