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How to choose the best chocolate?

Chocolate is considered one of the most consumed products worldwide, transcending cultural borders, languages ​​and customs. This food helps to express sublime feelings of happiness and romanticism. One of the best gifts for lovers, or to lift the mood and personal self-esteem, is a piece of chocolate.

There are many recipes that have created the great brands in the market. The answer to how to choose the best chocolate? It is one of the great complexities. Each country defends in a very subjective way the purity of its ingredients. Mainly the cacao grown on their land that is the main base of this precious product.

There are competitions in different parts of the world that reward the flavor, excellence, and quality of chocolate each year.

Guidelines to know how to choose the best chocolate

  • Aroma: it is necessary to know that the stronger the aroma of the chocolate, the better its quality, flavor and purity . Even so, cocoa should be predominant and not vanilla or sugar, since these two added ingredients can harm health.
  • Firm touch: to confirm the good crystalline structure in the cocoa butter, the chocolate must emit a crispy, dry and firm sound when divided .
  • Color: the ideal color for chocolate should be dark brown and bright with quite uniformity. The presence of stains, bubbles or colored holes in the chocolate would indicate its dilution and, therefore, a lower quality. That is why it is advisable to be very aware of its appearance.
  • Molten in the mouth: body heat is enough to start the process of melting a good chocolate with a high content of butter. It is about observing a perfect melt in the mouth, without leaving traces of granulations and providing a sensation of lubrication on the palate; There should not be a greasy feeling left. This is another important sign that tells us that we have chosen the best chocolate.
  • Flavor: by nature, chocolate must have a bitterness for cocoa , but sweet and acid flavors will be predominant. According to the brand and the treatment of chocolate, it is possible to find many different nuances.

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The mixture with milk and other flavors

How to choose the best chocolate?

It is important to clarify that chocolate is dark, varies its color and its flavor when combined with other ingredients such as milk, liquors, nuts, etc. It is traditional to drink milk chocolate that converts its original texture and flavor into a much softer and more pleasant product for those little addicted to chocolate.

New contributions in medicine

Although chocolate has always been considered a very caloric product and not recommended, except in small doses, today there are important contributions of science .

There are many nutrients that chocolate can provide us. Next, we see some of them:

  • It is a healthy product for our heart .
  • It generates a feeling of happiness and pleasure when consumed, since it releases endorphins.
  • It is cataloged as an analgesic for some bodily ailments.
  • It helps the growth of (optimal) bacteria in the body.
  • It is used in a large quantity in beauty products.
  • Increase cell regeneration
  • It promotes concentration and good memory.
  • Reduces fatigue and improves physical performance .

The dark chocolate

How to choose the best chocolate?

When we drink chocolate to improve our health, ideally it is bitter black chocolate . White chocolate retains some properties with high levels of carbohydrates and are less beneficial.

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The most famous and richest chocolates

Swiss chocolate

For several centuries, Switzerland has been making chocolate. Throughout history, it has been positioning itself as a country with the best chocolates. For the taste, quality and percentage of cocoa.


How to choose the best chocolate?

In Belgium, cocoa is not grown, but its production is very important throughout the world. It is said that there are more than two thousand stores that sell Belgian chocolate throughout the world.

Italian chocolate

The well known chocolate bars are made in Italy, for the most part. The region of Pisa is known as “cocoa valley”, because there are world-famous companies. This is the case of Ferrero Rocher.


How to choose the best chocolate?

Another of the largest cocoa producers in the world , awarded for some of its products.


It is also one of the countries with the highest production of cocoa and chocolate. Not only in solid products, but also in some of their drinks.

How to choose the best chocolate?