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How to cure your sadness day by day

It is possible that right now, you are going through a bad time. Something may have happened in your life, or until you simply find an existential void that is difficult to explain. Sadness sometimes adheres, drowning our hearts. How to heal from it?

How to overcome sadness little by little

Chronic sadness is the substrate of depression. We have to be careful. Think of sadness as a disease that must be cured, like a muscle that hardens and strengthens to hit our reality with the greatest possible energy. With the greatest of spirits.

What is it that usually makes us sad? It may seem that people are very different, that each one of us is involved in our own particular world. But in reality, we all feel the same pain. The same things affect us all: the feeling of loneliness, of not being understood or respected. We feel the contempt and the mistreatment. The lies and the betrayals.

And we also suffer sometimes without knowing very well the reason. Because of a vacuum? For having reached a moment in our lives where we realize that we are not entirely happy? Sometimes it happens. And it is normal. We explain to you what guidelines you can follow to rationalize the sadness, and detach yourself from it in a healthy way.

1. Identify what affects you

How to cure your sadness day by day

It may seem obvious but it is not always easy. Sometimes it is a cluster of many things: something that your partner has done to you, the feeling that you do not do what you really want but what others expect from you, a disappointment … Sometimes sadness does not have a single color. But a complex range that you have to know how to unravel.

2. Do not stay still, do not shut yourself up at home

How to cure your sadness day by day

Stillness traps us like a vine. Do not let yourself be defeated. If you start to want to stay at home, without going out with your family, leaving aside social relationships and preferring to be in the dark in bed, the depression will have already taken its toll on you. Do not let that happen. Take out energies of yourself telling yourself that you will not let yourself be defeated, that you deserve to be happy and that all grief is transient. That every problem has a solution. Nothing is eternal and you have the right to find your own tranquility. That will make you smile the day less thought when you get up in the morning and tell yourself that: “Today I feel good. Today I’m going to eat the world. “

3. Sadness as an instant of reflection to emerge strengthened

How to cure your sadness day by day

As they say, there is no nightfall that has not been overcome in the morning. That is to say, no pain is going to be eternal, nor what today hurts you so much it will sting so much eternally. Everything will calm down and everything will be better. You must understand sadness as an instant of reflection, as a moment in which we have to look inside to heal ourselves, to repair those damages. And also to make decisions. That reflection that brings sadness should allow us to open our eyes in the right direction. And you must be brave to take it, keep in mind that your happiness deserves it, and that if you do not make the right decisions or do not dare, a day may come when you will be overcome by frustration. So do not hesitate, strengthen your self-esteem, get stronger after that dark tunnel that is sadness.

4. Asking for help, sometimes, it is necessary

How to cure your sadness day by day

Do not think that you will be able to alone with everything. A helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, and a face that listens to you with sincere expression when you speak to her, can be of inestimable help. But choose the right person well. Some people do not know how to listen, some people worry more about themselves and do not know how to show openness. Surely in your close circle you have that person who always has the most appropriate word for you, who cares about the time it takes to receive and listen to you … let yourself be helped. Loneliness is not always good when sadness is drowning us.

5. Look for your illusion day by day

How to cure your sadness day by day
The episodes of sadness should serve us to learn, take new directions and emerge strengthened.

When you get up in the morning, set a goal. Something that pushes you inside and that forces you to get out of bed, to dress, to feel attractive and wanting to go out the door of the house. Sign up for a course: painting, yoga, dance … something that forces you to keep your mind and body occupied in a project no matter how small.

It is essential that you find meaning in those things that surround you: in the smile of your children, in that couple that loves you, or those friends or family members who do it all for you. Think of that pet that always seeks your closeness, in that walk in the park that you always enjoyed. Illusion for a trip, for a small change in your life. Or for a big one. Set yourself a goal and think what you could do to get it.

And so, day by day, with that spark well lit, you’ll end up burning the lethargy of sadness. That which adheres and sometimes does not let us see how beautiful life is. Take care, be happy every day. You deserve it.

How to cure your sadness day by day