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How to deal with loss and problems with your loved ones

el dolor y la pérdida son parte inevitable de la vida y deberás enfrentarte a ello de muchas maneras . Unfortunately, pain and loss are an inevitable part of life and you will have to face it in many ways . es fundamental para tu bienestar. Therefore, having strategies to survive periods of is essential for your well-being.

There are endless options and, if you look good, you will surely find one that suits your personality and helps you deal with what you feel. However, it is possible that, although you use many of these techniques, you still have a hard time dealing with loss and problems.

It is therefore important that you understand how to apply them correctly to cope in the best way pain . You should not expect it to disappear in a few minutes or days.

This is a process that takes time and you must learn to let it happen little by little.

How pain and loss usually manifest How to deal with loss and problems with your loved ones

These are two words that echo in your head when someone important leaves or you suffer a loss. The emptiness that invades you after a tragedy can have different side effects in each person.

The most common effects are:

Each person has different ways of dealing with loss and problems.

You must remember that the method you choose to face at the moment is important and can have a long-term impact on both your health and your happiness.

These are some ways for you to cope with pain and loss better.

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Get closer to others

, abres tu corazón hacia los demás. Dealing with loss and problems can be easier if, instead of immersing yourself in your own being and not showing your , you open your heart to others.

This can give you an external view of the situation and show you that you have a support network . Surely many around you are experiencing something similar and understand how you feel.

They can have a valuable perspective to share with you.

Prevent chemicals that alter your mind How to deal with loss and problems with your loved ones

Taking sleeping pills when you have to deal with loss and problems is a very poor solution that usually causes more complications.

Drinking a few beers until you forget everything or consume drugs to get away from reality are just ways to self-destruct that will not make you overcome the bad moment.

You must seek the healthiest way to channel what you are feeling . Otherwise it will be very difficult for you to control it when you have to deal with painful situations again.

Try home remedies

There are many herbal remedies that can help you find peace even if your mind is disturbed and are a better option than antidepressants.

Among the alternatives you have to choose from are:

  • Chamomile tea
  • The valerian root
  • The passiflora
  • The lavender

You can use them in several ways. From or infusions to essential oils on your pillow.

Practice meditation

Experiencing a tragedy and having to deal with loss and problems can make you shut yourself up inside and it will not always be in the most productive and healthy way. This is where meditation can help you.

It’s not about forgetting the rest of the world. It is about identifying the true meaning that exists within your being.

puede ser difícil cuando tu mente está empapada por el dolor y la pena. The can be difficult when your mind is drenched with pain and grief. Although it is very difficult, it only means that you need to work a little more.

Look for some kind of creative expression

Being frustrated or confused by what happened can make your emotions explode. Having a creative channel to put this energy is a very healthy option that will protect your relationships.

In addition, you will be able to prevent the accumulation of negative feelings until they overflow. Let your be expressed by you in ways you never imagined before.


se trata más de “salir corriendo” que de lidiar con la pérdida y los problemas. Some people think that is more about “running away” than about dealing with loss and problems. A change of scenery can help you enter a stage of recovery to put your life back in the right direction.

Travel has the unique ability to inspire you and remind you that there are still good things in life to get up every time you fall. This is essential when you are in a grieving process.

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Honor who you lost How to deal with loss and problems with your loved ones

When a loved one leaves, it does not mean that their memory should be forgotten. It is important that you find the personal and special way in which you can honor him.

It can be anything:

This will allow you to have a connection with the person, and also become a means to say goodbye little by little.

In this way you can move beyond the pain and sorrow of the loss to move on to the next chapter of your life without forgetting the memory of that person.

How to deal with loss and problems with your loved ones