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How to detect if we are doing too much exercise

It is often said that all extremes are harmful and it is completely true. Although practicing sports is good for our health if we exercise too much, we can suffer the consequences .

In this article we will tell you how to detect an excess in the gym routines.

Loving the exercise is fine. Exceeding, not

How to detect if we are doing too much exercise

When we want to be in shape or get more marked muscles we increase the number of times we go to the gym, and the routines become stronger or harder.

In order to get results quickly we may forget that the body needs to adapt little by little to new demands.

At first everything seems perfect, since we look in the mirror and we realize the changes. However, then the

This also happens to those people who have already lost weight or decreased fat. Even the most athletic can overload the muscles and injure themselves.

No person should exercise more than 90 minutes in a row and, at most, five times a week.

It is very important to allow the body to rest and above all to listen to the signals it offers us to stop a bit.

Physical activity is something very personal and nobody better than yourself to know if you are overreaching.

We can use the to measure the difficulty of the exercises and how that can affect, for example, our heart rate.

Basically we can determine what we experience with a particular routine.

The variables are: 0 (nothing), 1 (very mild), 2 (mild), 3 (moderate), 4 (a little intense), 5 (intense), 6 (more intense), 7 (very intense), 8 (too intense), 9 (very intense) and 10 (strenuous).

If every time we go to the gym our “personal board” is above 6 or 7 may be because we are training more than the body can support.

If we stay in 5 or 6 it would be normal, since the organism needs some difficulty to achieve results.

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Signs that too much exercise is done

How to define a limit? In what way can we know if we are training with more intensity or quantity than recommended? These are some of the signals that the body sends us … Pay attention!

1. We delay in recovering

How to detect if we are doing too much exercise
  • A clear indicator that we have gone over the line is that we can not recover after training.
  • It is difficult for us to breathe, we do not have energy, we feel sharp pains and we are very thirsty no matter how much we drink liters of water.

Although it takes a while to recover your breath after an exercise or several is normal, it is not if you spend a few hours of the routine and we continue with that feeling.

Recovery is also related to

2. The pulsations increase in the morning

Taking into account the heart rate can help us determine if we are doing a lot of exercise. It is essential to measure the pulsations at rest and when getting up every morning.

  • If in the early hours of the day they are higher than in the afternoon or evening, it can be a sign of excessive training.
  • The body stresses out of so much effort and does not recover as it should.

3. Extreme pain is felt all the time

How to detect if we are doing too much exercise

A little muscle discomfort is normal, because it indicates that we have trained that muscle group. If the next day of the routine hurts us in a “bearable” way, there is nothing to worry about.

The problem lies in the .

  • Feeling aching a muscle all day especially after exercise is a bad sign.

Many people do not pay attention to this signal and then suffer the consequences:

  • Sports injuries are very common in people who demand too much or seek results too fast.

4. Cramps are the order of the day

As with muscle pain, we can also experience cramping or stiffness after exercise.

If it only happens from time to time it is not flashy, because it is the way in which the muscle relieves tensions. however, if they become the rule and not the exception, it is to be alarmed .

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5. It’s hard for us to sleep

How to detect if we are doing too much exercise

Especially this happens in those who practice sports after 6 in the afternoon.

When the body starts moving after sunset, it becomes over-excited and it is hard for it to rest. The same thing happens, for example, if we drink coffee or alcohol before going to sleep.

If we go to the

The body needs a time to lower the revolutions, mainly if the routine was very intense or if cardio exercises were performed.

How to detect if we are doing too much exercise