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How to end the "frizz" effect of your hair

Few things are as annoying as the frizz effect on our hair. That bristly and frizzy aspect with which we must go out into the street some mornings, a rebellious hair that we do not know how to treat so that it looks soft, silky and without the effect of static. Should we maybe consult a stylist? Not at all, from our space we give you simple remedies.

Why do we often suffer the “frizz” effect on our hair?

How to end the "frizz" effect of your hair

We women love changing the appearance of our hair. It is possible that your natural form is waves or curls, however, you prefer to look a little more straight and smooth . Or even more … who has not changed the hair tonality? Either by showing another “look” or by necessity with the appearance of gray hair, it is usual that we often resort to hair dyes.

The continued use of chemical products such as ammonia from dyes, or the use of hair irons, dryers, curling irons … often seriously damage the health of our hair until we acquire this frizzy air that is so difficult to master. Now, there are also many types of hair that have this air more upset than normal. Spectacular manes that although beautiful, are difficult to master and almost always look very excited with that “frizz” effect that we usually do not like too much.

Remedies for the “frizz” effect on your hair

There are several homemade masks that you can make to apply on clean and moist hair. Ideally, you should use them at least two to three times a week. As a tip to keep in mind to avoid this frizzy effect on our hair, it is first of all not to abuse too much of the hair irons and the dryers – especially the hot air, as well as the very hot water to rinse the hair.

Make those masks that are easier for you. Essential that the hair is wet and that you let them act at least 20 minutes. Then, you just have to rinse with warm water. If you are constant in these simple remedies, your hair will be healthier and nourished. Take note!

Milk and honey mask

How to end the "frizz" effect of your hair

Very easy, you need a cup of milk and two tablespoons full of honey. Put also two tablespoons of olive oil. You remove everything well and apply it to wet hair doing a little massage so that it is well impregnated. It will leave your hair very soft, silky, manageable and really beautiful. Try it!

Mask of cucumber and yogurt

How to end the "frizz" effect of your hair

A classic, what do we need? just a cup of plain yogurt, and the pulp of a cucumber. Take these two ingredients to the blender to get a very homogeneous mixture. Then, put it on the hair, untangling each strand with your fingers. Let it act between 15 or 20 minutes. It gives very good result. Repeat at least twice a week and you will see what good effect it brings on your mane.

Avocado and almond oil mask

How to end the "frizz" effect of your hair

Do you have almond oil in your house? It is great to moisturize and eliminate curling of our hair. You can find it in natural stores and in perfumeries, an oil that is as useful as it is effective. To make this mask we only need half an avocado. We remove the pulp from the center and reduce it to a very finite purée. If you mix it with mayonnaise it will go much better and it will take an excellent consistency. Add 3 drops of almond oil and mix well. Let it act 20 minutes on damp hair, then rinse with water – warm, never hot. Comb with your fingers and let dry. If you use a hairdryer, remember not to put it too close to your hair, apart from the very hot air, as it dries and curls it.

Say goodbye to the “Frizz” effect with these simple tips. You dare?

How to end the "frizz" effect of your hair