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How to feel happy with the body we have

Looking in the mirror and not liking the image that the reflection gives us is more than usual.

Be aware of the image, do “miracle” diets and spend hours in the gym to tune your abdomen or legs is not healthy at all.

Believe that if we are not thin nobody will notice us has more to do with self-esteem than with reality .

Do you want to know how to be happy with the body we have? In this article we tell you.

Love and accept our body

How to feel happy with the body we have

It is true that human beings are continuously dissatisfied with what we have (or want to have):

  • Very high or very low;
  • We are fat or thin;
  • We are blond or brown;
  • Our

In matters of aesthetics, everything depends on how we feel with our body. In most cases, women focus more on the “container” and the defects when they look in the mirror.

This leads to drastic decisions ranging from too strict a diet to an addiction to exercise or, in more severe cases, aesthetic operations and painful treatments.

Beyond the belly, legs or face exceeded weight or too flabby,

That is the first step to accept and be happy with the body you have .

One of the reasons why we do not want the silhouette that we show is related to low self-esteem or self-esteem.

Believe that being fat or not having legs in a certain way others will not love us is a garrafal and unfounded mistake … And if someone does not accept you because of the body you have, then it’s not worth it!

Tips to be happy with our body

The theory is very beautiful, but when we look in the mirror, nightmares reappear.

Therefore we offer you some tips that can help you to accept and love your body as it is, or work on your mistakes in a moderate way:

1. Analyze what you can (and what can not) change

How to feel happy with the body we have

Some aspects of our figure can be modified if we diet or exercise (even if we improve the posture of the back) but there are other details that have no “solution”, such as the length of the legs, the size of the

Accepting what can not be changed is the first step. The second is to work on everything you can modify.

This means that if you do not like the belly you have or the size of your breasts … Do something to make you look better! It is very easy to complain or be depressed but not so much to take action.

2. Appreciate the power of your body

Make a list of the activities your body, as it is, allows you to do : work, cook, take care of your family, go for a walk, drive, clean,

There are many things that this “container” allows you in the day to day. With this in mind, you can not think of rejecting or being apprehensive.

On the other hand, try to look for the positive side of your “defects” . For example, you can say that, having wide hips, you will give birth without problems, or thanks to your legs or thick arms you will have more strength to lift heavy objects.

3. Celebrate what you like

How to feel happy with the body we have

As much as you think there is nothing in your body that you like, make an effort to determine what aspects you love about you.

For example, your eyes, your nose, your feet or your hands … This does not mean focusing only on the good and forgetting about the bad. The question is to feel better with the beautiful, especially in those days when depression takes over you.

4. Put aside negative thoughts

Being too aware of how many grams or centimeters reduce or spending hours and hours in front of the mirror criticizing the

Negative thoughts or habits do not serve to improve the situation but to make us feel bad.

Also, what do you think you’ll get by putting yourself wrong because you do not lose weight? Only depression!

The next time these ruinous thoughts come to your mind, change them for beautiful sensations.

How? You can, for example, focus on the areas you like , organize your schedule to go to the gym, find healthy recipes for dinner …

Transform that negative energy into something productive.

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5. Do not get carried away by fashions

How to feel happy with the body we have

Watching television or advertising often makes us feel horrible, fat and unsophisticated.

On the one hand, you must understand that the images of the models or actresses are not true … Most of them must comply with very restrictive

On the other hand, remember that the meaning of beauty is very arbitrary .

Five centuries ago women with more curves and more kilos were considered sensual and beautiful (you can see it in the paintings and sculpture of the time) and probably the synonym of “attractive” change in a couple of years.

Do not let yourself get carried away by what the fashion dictates, by the clothes in the shop windows or by the appearance of celebrities.

How to feel happy with the body we have